Shows Like I Am Not Okay With This – Fun Dark Comedies

Shows Like I Am Not Okay With This – Fun Dark Comedies

I Am Not Okay With This is an black comedy series based on the graphic novel of the same name by Charles Forsman.

The drama was well received by fans and received several positive reviews for its storyline, but mainly for the performances, especially by the protagonists.

What Is I Am Not Okay With This About?

The show follows Sydney (Sophia Lillis), a young student tired of high school, living in a small town in Pennsylvania.

She describes herself as a dull 17-year-old white girl who loses her temper easily. However, she is anything but ordinary.

In addition to typical teenage problems such as relationship issues with her family, everyday life in high school and her developing sexuality, she faces terrible grief after the recent death of her father.

In addition, she has mixed feelings about her best friend, Dina (Sofia Bryant), who has just started dating the popular and insufferable Brad (Richard Ellis).

Fortunately, she also has by her side her other best friend and neighbour, the irreverent and unique Stanley (Wyatt Oleff).

As the turbulence typical of this stage of life happens, Sydney develops a series of mysterious superpowers within her that will further complicate her complex life.

Shows Like I Am Not Okay With This

If you enjoyed the show and are looking for a new comedy sitcom to cheer up your days, come and check out our list of nine equally entertaining shows like I Am Not Okay With This.

Follow a new young high school student on a journey of self-discovery, facing challenges at home, adapting to a new city and struggling with his sexual orientation Love, Victor.

Meet an insecure and shy young man, who ends up setting up a sex therapy clinic at school, thanks to his sexologist mother, in Sex Education.

Also, join a group of teenagers who, with little adult supervision and lots of partying, try to find out about life and relationships. With several generations of different friends, get to know several teenage stories and then explore their lives as adults, in Skins.

Check out our list of shows like I Am Not Okay With This, where you might find your next series of choices.

If you have any other suggestions, please be sure to mention them in the comments below!


Has I Am Not Okay With This Been Cancelled?

I Am Not Okay With This premiered in February 2020 with seven episodes. The series quickly gained many fans, particularly among the younger generation, and was initially renewed for a second season.

However, shortly after, the network revealed that the series had been cancelled.

According to producer Shawn Levy, Netflix has a unique metric to help assess which shows are worth renewing for another season, called conclusion rates.

The operator measures the success of a show or movie based on this rate, which measures the proportion of people who begin a series and finish it versus the number of viewers who start it but leave after only a few episodes.

However, apart from the numbers, the significant factor that led to the cancellation of I Am Not Okay With This was due to filming complications related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unfortunately, the streaming service prioritised filming some shows over others, and this show was ultimately suspended.

So far, there has not been any indication that the show will return.

What Is The Recommended Age To Watch I Am Not Okay With This?

I Am Not Okay With This is a teen drama that shows struggling with complicated feelings, namely romantic affection with her best friend and the grief of a parent's death.

The characters are relatable, particularly the young protagonist, who is rightly angry but working through a terrible trauma, mostly connecting with family and friends and developing her powers of self-control with strength and courage.

Some characters are stereotypical, as a group of impaired athletes, but others are fully realised and sympathetic.

A father's suicide is a plot point and is often referred to, though we don't see any images. Teenagers and adults drink and smoke illegal substances to deal with their emotions, with no visible consequences.

Another strand of the series is the use of supernatural powers, where the young teenage girl is seen moving things without touching them and experiences surges of power when angry. The show also features some fantasy violence, which can be bloody and harmful to others.

Despite this, I Am Not Okay With This deals with real-life issues and shows the importance of friendship and loyalty with many positive messages and companionship.

Although it is entirely up to parents to decide the kind of content they allow their children to watch, we recommend this series for mature audiences, preferably those over the age of 15.

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