Shows Like Just Add Magic – 10 Spellbinding Alternatives To Stream

Shows Like Just Add Magic

Just Add Magic has captivated viewers with its spellbinding adventures since it first aired on Amazon Prime in 2015. Three seasons later and the show has moved on from the original series to Just Add Magic Mystery City, with new characters, recipes, and spells to explore.

If your kids just can’t get enough of the magical world of JAM, then we’ve got some great news – there are plenty of other shows like Just Add Magic, that they'll love.

If your kids are looking for a bit more fantasy, magic, and mayhem, I've listed ten spellbinding series and movies that ‘Just Add Magic' devotees should love. These shows contain a pinch of magic and a cup of teen drama.

Most of these series are on leading streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, and Paramount. So you shouldn't have to pay extra to watch them (if you're already a subscriber).


How Many Seasons are in Just Add Magic?

The original Just Add Magic series aired for three seasons, from 2015-19. The first season had 13 episodes, the second had 26 episodes, and the third and final season had just 12 installments.

The sequel series ‘Just Add Magic Mystery City’ has only had 1 season so far, made up of ten episodes. No news has been confirmed just yet about a potential second season. However, we'll keep you updated when we find out more.

Why Did Just Add Magic End?

Just Add Magic was canceled by Amazon after three seasons. It’s unclear why it ended suddenly, but Aubrey Miller (Hannah) took to Twitter, letting fans know that the special episode, released on October 25, 2019, was the final installment in the cookbook story.

This announcement rules out a potential season 4 renewal but also served as an opportunity for her and everyone involved in the show to express their immense appreciation for being part of such a fun venture over these past four years.

The spin-off series Just Add Magic: Mystery City (2020) has aired one season and is currently in limbo, awaiting renewal.

What Is Just Add Magic Rated? What Age Is It Suitable For?

Just Add Magic has been rated TV-G in the US. This means that it is suitable for all ages.

Each episode has content and language suitable for most viewers, with no strong adult themes, disturbing scenes, or objectionable material.

Common Sense Media rates the show as suitable for 6+ years. Parents praise the show for its strong family themes and moral lessons, as well as its entertainment value for children.

Who Plays Kelly

Olivia Sanabia took the role of Kelly in the original Just Add Magic show. After four successful seasons, she made the move to star in Disney Channel's hit sitcom Coop and Cami Ask the World (2018).

Recently, she graced the small screen on Paramount's ‘A Nashville Country Christmas' with country music legend Tanya Tucker.

Who Plays Darbie

Abby Donnelly played the role of Darbie in Just Add Magic. She also starred as Lizzie McGrath in Malibu Rescue. She landed her first acting role as Peggy Cartwright on the hit show American Horror Story in 2012, and it marked the start of her career.

Who Plays Hannah

Aubrey Miller played Hannah in JAM. She started her journey as a dancer, and by the time she was nine years old, she made an impressive debut on Nickelodeon's The Fresh Beat Band.

Since finishing on Just Add Magic, Aubrey has starred in the YouTube mini-series ME.

Who Plays Leo (Just Add Magic: Mystery City)

Actor Tyler Sanders played Leo. He quickly became a fan favorite due to his charm and witty one-liners.

Sanders made appearances in multiple hit television shows such as 9-1-1: Lone Star, Fear the Walking Dead, and The Rookie before taking a starring role in Just Add Magic: Mystery City.

Unfortunately, the rising star died at his home in Los Angeles on June 16, 2022, aged 18.

Where Is Just Add Magic Filmed?

Just Add Magic was filmed in Los Angeles. The cast and crew were spotted filming at various locations around town, such as Van Nuys High School campus.

This esteemed school has an illustrious alumni list that includes the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Erika Eleniak, and Paula Abdul.

Thank you for exploring our list of shows like Just Add Magic! If you'd love to dive into a plethora of other series suitable for all ages, be sure to visit our Kids page.

We can guarantee that your next show will be just as amazing and entertaining!

Happy viewing!


  1. Just finished watching just add magic. Really thought I wasn’t going to like it because I’m 17 and it’s a kid kind of show but it’s so cute actually a super good binge worthy show. Although I wish they didn’t get rid of the og cast I miss them. 🥺

    • I LOVE IT

  2. How about Annedroids and H2O just add water?!

  3. My husband, daughter (8 years old) and I watched all 3 seasons plus the Mystery City installment. Excellent show! Very family friendly. My husband said he liked the interplay between the younger girls and the older protectors. Great show to watch with kids, good values, no violence or bad language to worry about.

  4. oh

  5. U forgot Gortimer gibbons

  6. Just add Magic is not on Netflix only amazon prime! I absolutely love this series while I’m up in age and can still get into something so kid friendly. I am excited for amazon to post the rest of the episodes for the latest season in which they only have one episode posted for the latest episode they have released. Hope this was informative enough for the crowd.

    • yes of course . even i wanted the rest of the episodes to be released in that season.

      • It has been added under the name Just Add Magic: Mystery City. It’s a new serious or we can say a spin-off with new protectors Zoe, Leo and Ish.

        • Yes kudos to the actors

    • After that you have to watch just add magic mystery city sir

  7. omg me and my brother got hooked instantly!! the first 2 seasons were nice long and suspenseful but after a year of waiting we were disappointed to finish the 3rd in only 2 days

    • I want Kelly, Darbie, and Hannah, to come back they were amazing people for those roles. There should be a lot more episodes :/ I researched it over and over and over!

      • yesssssssssssssss

        • Yeah

      • You are right nobody can take place of Kelly Hannah and darbie and especially not Zoe Leo and ish

  8. When do the new episodes come out?

    • Amazing series

      • Great series. Fun and with values!

      • Ya!

    • who knows

  9. I stumbled onto the “Just Add Magic” series on Amazon, as I was looking for a good show. My wife and I got immediately hooked! We binge watched all three seasons in about four days. The three main actresses are incredibly talented and the story line was absolutely impressive. Kudos to the writers for developing a fantastic series. We are looking forward to the next season.


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