Shows Like Kim’s Convenience – 10 Comedies To Stream NOW

Shows Like Kim’s Convenience – 10 Comedies To Stream NOW

Kim's Convenience is a Canadian comedy series centred on the daily life of a Korean Canadian convenience store owner in the diverse city of Toronto, Canada.

Based on Ins Choi's 2011 play of the same name, it has gained fans worldwide and won 6 Canadian Screen Awards, including Best Comedy Series and Best Comedy Actor.

So if you love the show and fancy watching more comedies in the genre, you've come to the right place!

Movies and Shows Like Kim's Convenience

You've reached the right place if you enjoyed Kim's Convenience and are looking for a new comedy to brighten up your evenings.

We have created a list of ten equally entertaining shows like Kim's Convenience that you don't want to miss.

Meet three Mexican-American cousins trying to pursue the American dream as they struggle to save their family's taco shop, as the neighbourhood they've known all their lives begins to transform into a fashion hotspot unknown to them in Gentefied.

Follow a comic story of growing up as a first-generation Indian-American high school student who begins a journey trying to elevate her social status and life in Never Have I Ever.

Track a group of young Latino teens as they navigate the twists and cons of high school. The teens deal with love, loss, danger, gangs, death and more as they try their best to find and support each other in On My Block.

Check out our list of shows like Kim's Conveniece, and hopefully, you'll find your next series of choices. Please let us know what you think of our suggestions in the comments below.


What Is Kim's Convenience About?

In the Moss Park neighbourhood, parents Appa and Umma, Korean for father and mother, respectively, run a convenience store. Mr Kim lives above his shop with his wife and their adult daughter, Janet.

Nearby is also his distant son, Jung, who has not spoken to Appa since he was sixteen but remains close to Umma and his sister.

The family patriarch, Kim Sang-il (Paul Sun-Hyung Lee), studied to be a teacher in Korea before immigrating to Canada with his wife. He is traditional, practical, outspoken and opinionated but proud and stubborn.

The matriarch of the family, Kim Yong-mi (Jean Yoon), was also a teacher in Korea and is hardworking and kind but also intrusive in her family. Her life revolves around the shop, her family and the church where she volunteers.

Janet Kim (Andrea Bang) is a talented artist and aspiring photographer at OCAD University, yet, she is frustrated with her parent's traditionalism, their lack of support for her art, and the fact that they outgrow her due to Jung's house arrangement.

Jung Kim (Simu Liu) is the eldest son and works at Handy Car Rental. He was a rebellious teenager who had been involved in minor street crime, earning a brief stint in juvenile detention, but has since avoided any criminal activity.

He was banished from the family home by Appa after stealing from him and remains distant from his father, although he keeps in touch with the rest of the family. He gradually reconnects with his father throughout the series.

While managing the convenience store in Toronto, the family members of the Korean-Canadian family must deal with the customers, with each other and with the world around them.

They work hard to maintain their Korean Christian values but consistently find themselves negotiating their customs and beliefs with the modern Canadian world, especially when it comes to their children and sometimes their customers.

This sharp, well-written series uses humour to comment on contemporary social issues, from racial profiling and misconceptions about the LGBTQ community to dealing with assimilating their children.

Mr Kim, as the patriarch of the family, plays a central role in this, frankly offering often misguided perspectives. However, his approach is not cruel, and despite his rude and frank ways, he is often a man who is simply unfamiliar but sincerely unopposed to whatever is going on around him.

Has Kim's Convenience Been Cancelled?

Kim's Convenience premiered in October 2016 with one season of thirteen episodes. The show continued with one season per year, and in March 2020, it was announced that the show was renewed for two more seasons.

However, a year later, the network revealed that the series would end after the fifth season due to the exit of the show's two co-creators.

The cancellation took fans by surprise, and several actors from the show publicly discussed production issues, particularly criticising the lack of diversity among the behind-the-scenes team.

The final season of Kim's Convenience premiered in January 2021, ending a five-season run of 65 episodes.

In September 2021, the spin-off series, Strays aired, with two seasons and 20 episodes.

So with no more episodes, it's the perfect time to check out our shows like Kim's Convenience, if only to keep the laughs coming.

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