Shows Like Manifest – Top Supernatural Drama To Stream Today

Shows Like Manifest – Top Supernatural Drama To Stream Today

Manifest is a fiction drama series created by Jeff Rake. The series premiered in 2018 and has gained a legion of fans worldwide for its unique and intriguing storyline.

The series is a mystery thriller about the Montego Air Flight 828, which disappears from radar without a trace during a storm.

What Is Manifest About?

After the turbulent flight, the crew and passengers are relieved when they finally manage to land safely. However, within a few hours, the travellers on this flight begin to realise that although time has not passed for them beyond the normal inflight, five years have passed for the world and their friends, family and colleagues.

Faced with the impossible, they are all given a second chance. Still, as their new realities become clear, a more profound mystery unfolds, and some of the returning passengers soon realise it could be for something greater than they ever imagined possible.

Some of the passengers thus begin a quest to solve this mystery. Led by Ben Stone (Josh Dallas), he is an intelligence analyst, who has a hard time dealing with the things he can't control, be it his son's rare cancer or the mysterious voice that is now inside his head.

Together with him is his family, including his sister Micaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh), who lives with a sense of guilt over a tragic accident and questions her role in the police force and as a fiancée. Upon her return after years of missing, she finds a new purpose in her life.

Throughout the series, we realise that the passengers on this mysterious flight are interconnected and that the second chance may, after all, have an end date.

The story unfolds through the personal dramas of these families, as well as the mystery of this event and its purpose in their lives.

Shows Like Manifest

If you enjoyed Manifest and are looking for a new series that will keep you glued to the screen, come check out our list of nine equally enticing choices.

Meet an FBI agent with a lost past who arrives in a small town to investigate the murder of a former police officer, in Haven. In the middle of it, she discovers that the place is a refuge for people with supernatural powers and, of all the secrets the town hides, she will even find the one from her own past.

Join a single mother who becomes involved in a dangerous game when she has an affair with her boss and befriends his enigmatic wife, in Behind Her Eyes.

Also, follow the investigation of a mysterious international plane crash that leaves all passengers and crew dead without explanation. An FBI team and a former scientist begin an investigation where they discover that a considerable number of strange events are part of a much larger pattern than they imagine, in Fringe.

Check out our list of shows like Manifest, and whatever you choose, we're sure you'll find the perfect series for you. Please let us know what you think in the comments below.


We hope you enjoy our shows like Manifest – if you'd like to watch more supernatural drama – click here.

How Many Seasons Does Manifest Have?

Manifest premiered in September 2018 with sixteen episodes. The second season was released in January 2020, already filmed during some pandemic conditions.

In April 2021, the third season premiered with thirteen episodes, and the series was renewed for a fourth and final season divided into two parts of ten episodes each.

The first part launched in November of 2022, and the second and last episodes of Manifest will premiere in 2023, with no specific day yet.

Although it continues to be a series followed by many fans, the production company has already confirmed that this will definitely be the series' last season.

What Age To Watch Manifest?

Manifest is a supernatural fiction series that follows several family stories. As such, it is surrounded by family drama, mystery and plenty of suspense.

It was nominated for several awards, including Best Science Fiction Series and Best Primetime Programme – Drama.

There is some violence, and the intense turbulence causes severe panic among passengers and can be potentially frightening. The language is appropriate, and there are no explicit scenes of sex or nudity or alcoholism or other addictions.

Although it is entirely up to parents to decide what content they want to allow their children to see, Manifest can be considered a family show, and we recommend it for those over fourteen.

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