Shows Like Midsomer Murders – 10 Murder Mystery Gems To Watch

Shows Like Midsomer Murders

Midsomer Murders is a detective series that originally aired on iTV. It was created by Anthony Horowitz and starred John Nettles as DCI Tom Barnaby and Neil Dudgeon as DCI John Barnaby.

The crime-fighting duo attempt to solve several murders that occur in the charming, yet deadly villages of Midsomer County, a fictitious English county.

The series is known for its dark comedy, remember the time a man drowned in a cauldron of soup and a woman was killed with a cheese wheel?

If you enjoy Midsomer Murders you might be wondering if there is more TV series to watch which are similar. Well, you're in luck, I've put together a list of 10 movies and shows like Midsomer Murders.

My list contains Detectives who solve crimes, mysterious murders, and series with a dash of comedy too.

Dive into my list of shows like Midsomer Murders and hopefully, you'll find a new detective series to enjoy! If I've missed a TV show you like, add it in the comments at the bottom of the page.

Our List Of Shows Like Midsomer Murders

Why Is ‘Midsomer Murders' So Popular?

Midsomer Murders is the UK's longest-running contemporary detective drama. The quintessentially British series remains popular around the world.

The show's appeal was rooted in its realism and the fact that episodes rarely feature serial killer type personalities. The murders in Midsomer Murders are usually carried out by a “normal” person who is compelled to commit the crime as a result of a chain of sinister events.

However, there is a lot more to Midsomer Murders than corpses and death. The series includes plenty of humour, in the dry style that audiences all over the world seem to enjoy.

John Nettles, who played Tom Barnaby in the series' main cast, left the murder mysteries based series in 2011 to pursue other interests.

He was replaced by Neil Dudgeon, who came on as John Barnaby, Tom Barnaby's cousin. While the show went on without its long-time star, and many fans were able to accept a new detective constable, nevertheless, some never got over the upheaval.

Viewers declared that they were prepared to completely abandon the show in favour of other crime solving programs like Father Brown, Inspector Morse or Death in Paradise.

However, the show's popularity has remained consistent over the years, and it even received a 20th-anniversary special. New episodes of the popular crime drama will be shown on Acorn TV later this year.

Where Is Midsomer Murders Filmed?

The program is set in the fictitious region of Causton. Many of the show's episodes are filmed in the south of England, with filming taking place across Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.

Several villages in Oxfordshire were used in the Midsomer Murders TV series, but five locations, in particular, are associated with the series.

They are Henley-on-Thames, Wallingford, Dorchester-on-Thames, Thame and Watlington. If you visit Oxfordshire you can explore the locations of the detective drama on the ‘Midsomer walking trail‘.

Why Did John Nettles Leave Midsomer Murders?

Speaking to the Telegraph Newspaper about his decision to leave the show, John Nettles stated: “I suddenly realised that I'm going to be the oldest detective in the business now that David Jason has thrown off the mantle.

“But it was a very difficult decision to make. I'll have been doing Midsomer Murders for 14 years by the time Barnaby leaves.”

He continued: “It's always wise to leave people wanting more, rather than be booed off the stage because you bored them.”

The former TV detective who has now given up solving crimes continued: “It has been a joy to be involved in such a long-running series with so many good actors and great storylines. It's the end of an era for me.”

Where To Watch Midsomer?

UK viewers can watch Midsomer Murders on the iTV catch up service for free. For the rest of the world, watching the show will probably incur a fee.

American audiences can stream the series on AppleTV and on Amazon Prime Video (charges apply).

If you love British style crime drama and series like Midsomer Murders, then why not check out BritBox? It's a new streaming platform that contains all the best of British Television.

You can watch Inspector Morse solve crimes or try the first few seasons Vera and see if you can spot the prime suspect before the actual police.

Shows Like Midsomer Murders On Netflix

Our list above features shows like Midsomer Murders on multiple streaming platforms. However, if you only subscribe to Netflix, you'll want a more tailored list or murder mystery series. So here are my recommendations for Netflix viewers:

Agatha and the Truth of Murder

Agatha Christie solves a real murder during a crisis in her writing and marriage in this dramatized version of her infamous 11-day disappearance in 1926.


Inspired by the iconic French burglar Arsène Lupin, better known as the “gentleman thief.

The feature length episodes see our anti-hero attempting to steal a priceless necklace from the Louvre as part of a revenge plot against the wealthy family who caused his father's death many years previously.

A French cat burglar makes a refreshing change from British Detectives.

High Seas

Two sisters discover disturbing family secrets after a string of mysterious deaths occur on a luxury ship travelling from Spain to Brazil in the 1940s.

The two siblings become embroiled in investigating mysterious on-board deaths. The first series is available on Netflix and a third series of the crime solving show has been announced by the streaming service.

Enola Holmes

When Enola Holmes discovers her mother is missing, she goes off in search of her, becoming a super sleuth in her own right while outsmarting her famous brother (Sherlock Holmes) and uncovers a deadly conspiracy surrounding an enigmatic young Lord.

Murder Mystery

Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, and Luke Evans star in this crime comedy film, which centres on a married couple drawn into a murder investigation on a billionaire's yacht.

The couple gets framed for murder and they go on the run from the local police.

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

The series centres on Dirk Gently, a holistic detective who investigates crimes with supernatural nature.

Based on Douglas Adams's book series of the same name, which was published by Simon and Schuster in 1987.

Cozy Mystery Genre

The ‘Cozy Mystery' is a subset of the ‘Murder Mystery' genre. Cosies are often targeted towards a specific demographic: women over 40. That isn't to suggest, though, that there aren't plenty of men and young women who enjoy them tremendously.

If you've never noticed, a cozy mystery usually contains many of the following elements:

An amateur sleuth who frequently communicates with the cops, but he or she will nevertheless conduct investigations without assistance.

You'll see very little blood and guts in a ‘Cosy'. At the centre of the series, there will probably be a distinct profession or a close knit island community – priests (Father Brown), illusionists (Jonathan Creek), gardeners, journalists, and pensioners (Agatha Christie and Miss Marple) are wonderful examples.

The show should have appealing protagonists like a retired detective and supporting characters who are endearingly flawed or odd, like a young Sergeant or naive Police constable.

The background cast should be intriguing, amusing, and memorable. The murder victim should not be so likeable that their death upsets the viewers too much. Murder cases should be interesting but never gory.

A good cosy mystery should provide all necessary information along the way so that a vigilant viewer may figure it out on their own.

Shows like Midsomer Murders are a perfect example of the genre, along with Miss Marple and Death In Paradise, the popular TV series which originally starred Ben Miller.

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