9 Shows Like Mr Robot – What To Watch Next

9 Shows Like Mr Robot – What To Watch Next

Mr. Robot is a suspense drama series created by Sam Esmail. In an era where we breathe technology and rely on it for almost everything, this sitcom shows the darker side of the digital world.

Mr Robot follows Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek, Bohemian Rhapsody), a young programmer who suffers from social anxiety disorder and clinical depression and works as a daily cybersecurity engineer and a vigilante hacker by night.

Alderson is recruited by an anarchist rebel known as “Mr Robot”, performed by Christian Slater, to join a mysterious hacker group and destroy the firm he is being paid to protect.

Motivated by his personal beliefs, he struggles to resist the chance to destroy the multinational, which he believes is controlling and destroying the world.

If you liked Mr Robot and are already searching for another series that will keep you equally interested, you've come to the right place.

We have put together a list of 9 similar choices that will get you excited again. Follow the story of a brilliant but socially maladjusted group of minds as they defend the country from technological and digital threats.

You can also enter the world of crime by assuming a false identity or indulging in sci-fi tales reflecting the dark side of screens and technology.

Whatever your choice, who knows, you might find a new favourite series. Check out our list and get ready for hours of technological entertainment.

And don't forget to leave us your suggestions for other shows like Mr Robot in the comments below and have fun.


How Many Seasons Does Mr. Robot Have?

The pilot premiered on several online and video-on-demand services in May 2015 and quickly gained viewers' attention. You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

Mr. Robot has a total of 45 episodes over four seasons, which aired between June 2015 and December 2019.

Is Mr. Robot Suitable For Watching As A Family?

Mr. Robot is rated for ages 16+. However, it is up to parents to decide whether they consider it an excellent show to watch together as a family.

The series focuses on a technological genius, socially anxious as a vigilante, who employs his skills to crush everyday evil in a darkly disappointing world.

The show uses strong language, and the main character takes illegal drugs to manage his mental health, though in a highly thoughtful way and not as an addict.

Sex is heavily suggested, with no direct visuals, although some side nudity can be seen. The names and logos of brands such as McDonald's and Forever 21 are also part of the story.

As such, inaccurate language, illegal drug use and dark messages result in a drama too mature for most young teenagers and much more suitable for adults.

You can, however, watch it with older teens and use Mr. Robot to comment on the social character of the show and how close it is to the truth.

Does E Corp Compare To An Actual Modern Company?

Although E Corp is a fictional corporation, it can resemble a real tech company. Imagine a business with the apparently omnipotent power of Google but with the lower moral standards of others.

E Corp is an inevitable colossus, controlling every aspect of life, from credit cards to technology and the internet. In the series, everyone calls it E Corp Evil Corp because we are watching from Elliot's point of view, and that's how he hears people saying it in his head.

Are The Hacks In The Series Real?

Although Mr. Robot is a fictional series, the technical precision of the show makes us wonder about the accuracy of some events.

The truth is, director Sam Esmail is so committed to keeping the show as realistic as possible that he hired former FBI Cyber Crimes Task Force agent Michael Bazzell and former FBI Cyber Special agent, Andre McGregor to ensure the hacks and stories were believable.

In fact, not only the hacks are real, but all the hacking scenes are performed by real hack masters and are later reconstructed using flash animation.

In meticulously executed work, these hackers have gone beyond their trade and used their craft to create something fantastic, with truly realistic scenes.

Was Mr. Robot Cancelled?

No. Despite there being decreasing ratings throughout the course of the series, Mr. Robot remained on the air for the planned time.

The series came to an end through its natural story cycle, with the last episode airing on 22 December 2019.

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