Shows Like Never Have I Ever – Best Comedy Drama To Stream Today

Shows Like Never Have I Ever – Best Comedy Drama To Stream Today

Never Have I Ever is a teen drama and romantic comedy series created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher.

The comedy is partly based on the true story of actress and comedian Mindy Kaling's childhood growing up in Boston.

It has been a huge hit for Netflix and with three seasons available, and a fourth on the way, it is amust watch for fans who love great comedy drama.

What Is Never Have I Ever About?

The series revolves around Devi Vishwakumar (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan), a fifteen-year-old girl of Indian descent living with her mother in the United States in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles.

After a socially awful first year, Devi wishes to change her social status, but her family, friends and feelings do not ease her way.

After the sudden death of her father, she suffers a major trauma and loses the movement of her legs. The psychological trauma of the event is such that she cannot walk for three months.

However, she miraculously recovers one day and stands on her legs in an effort to see her crush, Paxton. She tries to deal with her pain, Indian identity and school life by attempting to change her image at school.

Devi does everything to erase how people saw her before, but nothing works out. She dreams of an intense teenage romance, but her life always seems dull and uninteresting.

One day, Devi ends up winning the attention of her biggest crush from school, Paxton, but things don't go as smoothly as she would like and her life suddenly gets very complicated!

The series is narrated primarily by professional tennis player John McEnroe, with one of the episodes voiced by Andy Samberg. The second season features Gigi Hadid as the narrator of Paxton's thoughts.

Shows Like Never Have I Ever

If you're a fan of dramatic teen comedies and you're looking for new entertainment for your evenings, check out this list of nine shows like Never Have I Ever, which will have you glued to the screen again.

Follow the son of a sex therapist who becomes a real sex and love counsellor at his school, in Sex Education.

Meet four extremely close friends as they begin their high school journeys after a transformative summer, in On My Block.

Also, get to know a teenage girl and her friends living in a conflict area of Northern Ireland during the 1990s, in Derry Girls.

Plus check out our list for more alternatives. We're sure the most challenging thing will be which one to start watching first.

Please leave us more suggestions in the comments below.


We hope you enjoy our shows like Never Have I Ever – if you'd like to watch more comedy drama – click here.

How Many Seasons Does Never Have I Ever Have?

Never Have I Ever has been described as a defining moment for South Asian representation in Hollywood and has been praised for breaking Asian stereotypes.

The series premiered in April 2020 with a 10-episode season. In July of the same year, Netflix renewed the series for a second season, which aired in July 2021.

The third season was released in August 2022 with ten more episodes. The fourth and final season has already been announced and will premiere in 2023, with no definite date yet.

How Did Devi's Dad Die In Never Have I Ever?

During the first episode of the show, it is explained how Mohan, Devi's dad, suffered from a fatal heart attack, which is shown through the use of flashbacks.

In episode 9, season 3, we learn later more about what happened. Devi's father died while attending her recital with the school orchestra. When Devi eventually decides to go back and play again, she hallucinates seeing her father there and has another panic attack.

What Is The Appropriate Age To Watch Never Have I Ever?

Never Have I Ever is a comedy-drama series about adolescence, with the typical teenage problems related to friendship, school and romance. Netflix has rated the show as a '12'.

The show has many mature conversations about sex, where the teens scheme to do it, but it takes several seasons and preparation to actually happen.
The teenagers kiss, flirt and talk about dating and romance.

We also see them smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol, sometimes to the point of acting foolishly and leading to an injury that requires hospitalisation.

Despite this, the multicultural group of teenagers in the series can have great integrity and self-control. They make mistakes and learn from them, treat others unkindly but then regret their actions and make amends. They also learn to accept each other and to live more authentic and happier lives.

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