Shows Like Outer Range – 10 Dramas With A Twist

Shows Like Outer Range – 10 Dramas With A Twist

Mixing western, thriller and science fiction twists, Outer Range is an American neo-western supernatural mystery series created by Brian Watkins and starring Josh Brolin.

The show follows the story of Royal Abbott, a farmer fighting for his land and family in Wyoming. The Abbott family's lives are ultimately and drastically changed after their daughter-in-law Rebecca disappears.

At this vulnerable time, things get even more complicated when, as well as dealing with the desert drought, the Tillerson family, neighbours with large and lucrative estates, hatch a plan to take over their land.

After an untimely death occurs, a domino effect is set in motion in the community. Tension-filled events and small-town problems become significant complications for the Abbotts, most notably a black crater that has opened up west of their property.

Gradually, Royal uncovers secrets from the past that will be dramatic revelations for everyone, including the family he protects so much.

Shows Like Outer Range

Filled with thrills and suspense, Outer Range is an exciting family saga with touches of wry humour and supernatural mystery that explores how we deal with the unknown.

If you enjoyed the show and are looking for new entertainment full of drama and mystery, check out the ten shows like Outer Range we've put together for you.

Journey to the future, where wealthy tourists pay to experience authentic Old West adventures of their choice in a theme park populated by androids in Westworld.

Follow the dark mysteries of a small German town that are revealed when two children disappear, leaving behind families and authorities scrambling for answers and discovering many twisted and supernatural secrets in the process in Dark.

Also, follow two FBI agents as they investigate unexplained phenomena in X-Files. He's the believer while she's the sceptic, and together they find out if their cases can be explained by good old earthly science or if aliens and supernatural beasts walk among us.

Check out our list of shows like Outer Range, where choosing which one to start watching is the most challenging thing.

Please let us know what you think of our selections in the comments below.


Is Outer Range Based On A True Story?

Given Outer Range's suspenseful narrative and visual style, fans were curious to learn more about the inspiration behind the show.

Despite being a fictional series, director Brian Watkins revealed that the basic premise of Outer Range addresses the idea of how ordinary people deal with the unknown.

He further elaborated that the stories of the Abbott family members are a reflection of everyday life in the American West, and the black void adds a sense of surprise and intrigue to their lives.

On the inspirations for the creation of the series, Watkins further states that he drew on his own experiences in the town where he grew up, in Colorado in the western United States.

According to him, this was a place full of wonders and strange things. With several plantations, Watkins stated that this was “the kind of place where you can walk to the end of a plantation and feel like you're facing another world.”

From there, the director mentions that he began to create a story in his head about “a farmer who finds a giant empty hole on his property, from which he begins to channel catastrophic events and expose the internal voids of him and his family. That became the series.”

According to him, the story is not precisely about something extraterrestrial but the unknown within Earth itself. “This is a story about ordinary people dealing with the unknown”, stated Watkins.

The director further revealed that the Outer Range addresses the nature of humanity and the darker sides of human beings, which are prevalent themes in the western genre.

However, he noted that the story uses science-fiction elements to subvert these aspects. A thrilling and mysterious series worth watching!

Where Is Outer Range Filmed?

THree different locations were used to film Outer Range.

They include Los Angeles, California, Albuquerque, New Mexico and Las Vegas, New Mexico.

A significant portion of the show was filmed in Albuquerque. The Abbott Ranch is a set built not far from the I-25 Studios where all of the interior scenes were filmed.

The scenes that take place in town were filmed in Las Vegas, New Mexico with some specifically around Bridge Street.

The bank is Community 1st Bank on Douglas Avenue, and the cafe is Odessa's Café. However most of the inside shots were filmed in a studio in LA.

Also, those mountains…CGI I'm afraid!

What Is The Appropriate Age To Watch Outer Range?

Outer Range is a sci-fi thriller with plenty of suspense, mystery and high drama in the mix.

The series features some violence, with several fights depicted graphically. The characters drink to the point of throwing up, blacking out, and driving drunk.

Violent acts or dangerous situations kill some. The language is strong, and the dark themes include disappearance, death and the unknown.

Despite this, the show reveals some positive messages, such as loyalty, the search for the truth and family resilience.

Although it is the parents' responsibility what kind of content they allow their children to watch, we recommend this series for more mature teenagers, at least over 15.

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