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Where to Watch Psych

Psych is a comedy and investigation series created by Steve Franks. Winning fans all over the world, it was considered an original and dynamic series with the same essence from start to finish.

In the series, James Roday Rodriguez plays the role of Shawn Spencer, a consultant for the Santa Barbara Police Department who can solve crimes using his exceptional memory and observation skills.

Along with his best friend, Burton Guster (Dulé Hill), he convinces others that he has psychic abilities.

It's brilliantly funny with a following of devoted fans, so if you miss it, here are more ideas for shows like Psych to keep you entertained.

Movies and Shows Like Psych

If you love crime series and are now looking for new entertainment for your evenings, you've found the right place.

We created a list of ten shows like Psych that you do not want to miss.

Follow a detective who was almost a celebrity, claiming to be a psychic medium, but ends up admitting that it was all fake in The Mentalist.

With his great observational skills, he works as an independent consultant for the California authorities, solving a considerable number of complicated crimes and becoming famous for his ability for the high perception of everything around him.

Meet a talented, eccentric, paranoid neuroscientist professor who knows the human mind and human behaviours in depth in Perception.

He is recruited by a former student of his who now works for the FBI, and together they will help solve the most diverse crimes.

Or join the adventures of the private detective Sherlock Holmes and his faithful squire, Dr John Watson in modern-day England, in Sherlock.

Check out more suggestions from our list of shows like Psych below and maybe you'll find your next series of choices. Please leave us more suggestions in the comments!


What Is Psych About?

The story follows Shawn Spencer (James Roday Rodriguez), a young man who becomes a consultant to the Santa Barbara police by claiming to be a psychic.

It all begins when Shawn gives a tip about a crime that appeared on the news and becomes one of the main suspects, getting called to testify.

Always used to help the police indicate suspects of crimes, the department assumes that such knowledge could only come from someone who took part in the crime and starts to question his methods, judging him as the suspect of one of the robberies to which he provided clues.

Realising how complicated the situation is, and to get rid of the accusation, he makes the entire police department believe that he receives their guesses because he holds the power of psychics.

With plenty of mischief and humour, Shawn gets involved in the investigation of several police cases and manages to solve them through high perception and deduction skills.

He places his fingers on his temples as if evoking spirits, only to uncover clues that he has deduced by intelligent observation and a little investigation.

The technique is so precise that no one suspects his psychic abilities are a fraud. Since childhood Shawn has been trained by his father, Henry Spencer, a legendary detective, to sharpen his observation and deduction skills, often using games and challenges to test him.

Henry (Corbin Bernsen) and Shawn have a difficult relationship, yet Shawn is helped by his father on numerous occasions. The relationship between father and son grows stronger when Henry returns to work for the police and shares different work experiences with his son.

How Many Seasons Does Psych Have?

Psych premiered in July 2006 with one season of fifteen episodes. The series went on to run for eight seasons, with a total of 119 regular episodes aired, plus a two-part musical episode.

Known for its innovative style of blending comedy and drama, and several references to the 80s, the show was also marked by thematic episodes, highly received by both the public and critics.

Psych reached an end in March 2014, with a special one-hour Q&A episode with the cast and directors, recorded with the audience present.

Since the series finale, three films were released, Psych: The Movie, Psych 2: Lassie Come Home and Psych 3: This Is Gus, with two more planned.

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