8 Fab Shows Like Queer Eye – It’s Makeover Time!

8 Fab Shows Like Queer Eye – It’s Makeover Time!

Queer Eye is the hit reality show where the fab five use their marvellous talents to transform people's lives.

The Netflix reboot is based on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, which first aired on the Bravo network all the back in 2003.

Today's version features five professionals in the fields of fashion, personal grooming, interior design, cooking and culture.

Collectively they're known as the Fab Five and they are Tan France (fashion), Jonathan van Ness (grooming), Antoni Porowski (food), Karamo Brown (culture) and Bobby Berk (design).

Queer Eye is one of the most successful shows on Netflix and we can't get enough of the make-overs and transformations.

But if you've already exhausted every episode, you may be looking for more shows like Queer Eye.

We've got you covered. Below is a list of reality shows that will keep you entertained for hours.

With a mix of fashion, lifestyle and home makeovers reality shows, there is something for everybody.


How To Nominate Someone For Queer Eye?

With so many seasons of Queer Eye on Netflix, and more being made every year, you may be wondering where they find the people who get the makeovers.

The answer is pretty simple. The producers of the show always put out a casting call so if you know somebody you think would be perfect for an episode, you simply email qecasting@itv.com

There are a few things to note though. You have to live in the city or area where the upcoming show is going to be filmed. So if the Fab Five are in New Orleans, they the person they make-over must live in New Orleans.

Producers also try to find candidates with fascinating backstories who needed a transformation in each of the categories covered by the Fab Five’s experts. So your person should need help in ALL five areas, not just one or two.

So if you have somebody in mind that you think would be great for the show, simply email QECASTING@ITV.COM with your name, photos, and stories of the friend that you want to nominate.

How Many Seasons Of Queer Eye

There are currently six seasons of Queer Eye on Netflix. The show began in 2018 and started with 8 episodes in each season.

Seasons 5 & 6 both have 10 episodes. There is also four-part special set in Japan and Queer Eye spin-offs from Germany and Brazil.

Queer Eye season 7 is currently in the works and should be coming to Netflix very soon.

Where Is Queer Eye Filmed?

Each season of Queer Eye is filmed in a different location.

The first two seasons focused on Georgia, making over people from towns within the state – Atlanta, Covington etc…

For seasons 3 and 4 the team moved to Missouri and Kansas.

Season 5 saw the Fab Five work their magic in Pennsylvania and Queer Eye season 6 was filmed in Austin, Texas.


So there you have our list of shows like Queer Eye. We've tried to cover as many as possible but of course we may have missed out on one or two.

So if you have nay suggestions for shows that should be added, let us know in the comments!

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