Shows Like Ray Donovan – 10 Incredible Dramas To Stream NOW

Shows Like Ray Donovan – 10 Incredible Dramas To Stream NOW

Ray Donovan is a crime drama series created by Ann Biderman. The story accompanies a man who fixes the problems of the most notable celebrities in Los Angeles, and the pilot episode broke audience records, creating a legion of fans worldwide.

But after seven seasons the show ended and now fans are looking elsewhere for new entertainment.

There's a lot of choice out there but if you want to narrow it down and find great quality shows like Ray Donovan, we've got you covered!

Movies and Shows Like Ray Donovan

If you never miss a gritty crime drama and are looking something new, check out our list of ten shows like Ray Donovan.

Travel back to the 1920s, and meet the Shelby family, a criminal gang that lives on robberies, extortion and gambling and controls the city of Birmingham, in Peaky Blinders.

Enter the world of organised crime and follow the complexities and conflicts of a mob boss's family, in The Sopranos.

Or meet a corrupt and influential politician in Atlantic City in the 1920s, part politician, part gangster, who is comfortable in both positions, and nothing will stop him from expanding his empire, in Boardwalk Empire.

Check out our list of shows like Ray Donovan and you might just pick another gem.

And, as always, let us know if we missed any in the comments below.


What Is Ray Donovan About?

The show follows Ray, a powerful man from Los Angeles, California, who works for the prestigious law firm Goldman & Drexler, representing the rich and famous.

He works as a “fixer”, meaning he is responsible for solving the problems of powerful clients, such as handling bribes or payments to corrupt police officers and government officials, among other criminals, allowing them to avoid punishment.

He is a master of manipulation and knows how to get what he wants through legal or illegal means.

However, Ray's personal life is less successful than his professional one. He has a troubled family with an abusive father, complicated siblings and an unstable wife.

In addition, Ray deals with past traumas that affect his behaviour in the present. His problems begin to worsen when his father gets out of jail and decides to seek him out with seemingly good intentions.

Now, Ray must keep his family members extremely safe and continue to take care of other people's lives.

He tries to balance his professional life with his tumultuous personal life, often facing challenges that threaten to uncover his darkest secrets and put everything he has built at risk.

Throughout the series, Ray gets involved in many dangerous schemes, makes questionable choices, and faces difficult consequences.

How Many Seasons Does Ray Donovan Have?

Ray Donovan premiered in June 2013 with one season of twelve episodes. After that, a season was released every year until the seventh and final one aired in 2019.

Each season consisted of a total of 12 to 16 episodes, except for the last one, which had only ten episodes. Ray Donovan reached is end with seven seasons for a total of 82 episodes.

Why Was Ray Donovan Cancelled?

The network canceled Ray Donovan after airing its seventh season in January 2020.

There has been no official explanation of the reason for the cancellation, but it is speculated that it was due to financial and ratings reasons.

Although Ray Donovan had a loyal fan base and received positive reviews and several awards throughout its run, its audience was declining in recent seasons.

In addition, the series was relatively expensive to produce, with an all-star cast and Los Angeles settings.

Following its cancellation, there were rumours that the show could be rescued by another broadcaster or streaming service, but so far, there has been no confirmation that this will happen.

However, the show's storyline ended with the feature film Ray Donovan: The Movie, which premiered in January 2022.

What Is The Age Rating For Ray Donovan?

Ray Donovan is a crime drama series that contains adult themes and scenes of violence, sex, drug use and bad language.

Although the visual scenes are not too explicit, the conversations are heavy and frank, with few positive messages.

It is important that parents are aware of the content and impact the show can have before allowing their underage children to watch it.

Therefore, while it is entirely up to the parents what kind of content they allow their children to watch, we recommend this series for more mature young people aged 18+.

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