Shows Like Reacher – Amazing Crime Action To Stream Now

Shows Like Reacher – Amazing Crime Action To Stream Now

Reacher is an action series based on the Jack Reacher books written by Lee Child. In a true style where the outsider comes to save the town in trouble, it has won fans worldwide.

After deserting the US Army, veteran Jack Reacher (Alan Ritchson) decided to travel the country and pursue a new career. Now, he works as a freelance investigator, examining the most suspicious, strange and dangerous situations.

When he visits the rural town of Margrave, Georgia, several deaths begin to occur, and he ends up becoming the main suspect and is arrested for a murder he did not commit.

After proving his innocence, the local sheriff Oscar Finlay (Malcolm Goodwin) decides to ask for his help in solving the series of brutal murders. Even though he is not convinced, Reacher decides to use his skills to find out who is behind the crimes and their motivations.

To do so, he will spare no effort and use all available resources, including breaking some laws when necessary. Slowly, the ex-military begins to gather the essential clues and realises that there is something much more obscure behind the deaths.

Reacher discovers a network of conspiracy and corruption involving very powerful people who will not be easy to bring down.

Shows Like Reacher

If you like a series full of suspense with some humour in the mix, check out the list of ten alternatives to Reacher that we have put together for you.

Join an ex-marine who only wants to punish the criminals responsible for the death of his family but becomes the target of a military conspiracy, in Punisher.

Step into the world of an expert marksman who lived in exile but is persuaded back into action after learning about a plan to kill the president, in Shooter.

Follow a CIA analyst who stumbles upon a series of suspicious bank transfers. His quest for answers takes him away from the safety of his desk and into a deadly cat-and-mouse game across Europe and the Middle East, with a rising terrorist preparing a major attack on the US and its allies, in Jack Ryan.

Check out our list of shows like Reacher, and you'll find your next series of choices. If you have any other suggestions, please share them with us in the comments below.


We hope you enjoy our shows like Reacher – if you'd like to watch more action packed series – click here.

How Many Seasons Does Reacher Have?

The first season of Reacher premiered in February 2022 and was based on the international bestselling children's debut, Killing Floor, from 1997.

The second season was confirmed just three days after the premiere and will be based on Bad Luck and Trouble.

For the moment, it still does not have a premiere date.

Where Was Reacher Filmed?

Reacher took place in a scenic town set in northern Pickering, Ontario, for the filming of the series. The entire fictional town of Margrave was built from scratch in a field on a rented farm.

The series also had other filming areas, including Toronto, Port Perry and Pickering.

The primary filming of the first season took place between April and July 2021. During filming, lead actor Ritchson ruptured a shoulder joint, required surgery, and tore an oblique muscle during a fight scene.

However, all the stunts paid off, as the series was highly acclaimed by critics. One of the main praises was for the main character's performance, with his role of a badass, but always with a typical humour mixed in, and of course, that more sentimental side, only shown between the lines.

What Is The Appropriate Age To Watch Reacher?

The official age rating for the Reacher series is TV-MA. This means it is for people over 18 years of age.

Being a crime action series, it features a lot of violence, brutality, and bloody scenes. The language is strong, not always appropriate, and is brief full-frontal male nudity. There are also several characters drinking and smoking.

Although it is entirely the parents' responsibility what kind of content they allow their children to watch, we do recommend this series for more mature teenagers.

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