Shows Like Sex Education – 10 Edgy Teen Dramas To Stream Now

Shows Like Sex Education – 10 Edgy Teen Dramas To Stream Now

Sex Education is a comedy-drama series created by Laurie Nunn for Netflix.

The show is an audience success, receiving critical acclaim for its casting, writing, production values and mature treatment of its themes.

The story follows Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield), a virgin and socially inapt teenager, the son of a sex therapist.

Surrounded by videos and open but boring conversations about sex, Otis eventually becomes an expert on the subject.

Together with Maeve (Emma Mackey, Death on the Nile), a rebellious classmate, they open a clandestine sex therapy clinic at school, where they welcome colleagues with several personal dilemmas, often related to sexual intimacy.

If you're a fan of dramatic comedies and enjoy socially relevant themes, you won't want to miss the list of nine series we've created for you!

With a lively comedy of the wonders and horrors of puberty, through philosophical dramas, and true and funny friendships, surrender to hours of entertainment.

Take a peek at our list, and maybe you'll find your new favourite sitcom.

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What Is The Central Theme Of Sex Education?

Sex Education is a series that sensitively explores many teenage concerns with a unique blend of empathy and humour, making fans really identify with the characters and the story.

A constant theme in the show is whether or not the teens are ready to have sex. In the first episode, for example, Adam (Connor Swindells) talks about his doubts while having sex with Aimee.

And although the show includes some angry scenes, it has an emotional core that made it so famous.

In fact, Sex Education often addresses timely and sensitive topics, from sexual issues to the daily struggles of teenagers. The show has never once avoided asking relevant and critical questions.

How Many Seasons Does Sex Education Have?

Sex Education is a Netflix exclusive series that aired on 11 January 2019.

In February of the same year, it was renewed for a second season, released in January 2020.

In 2021 the third season premiered, and, keeping all its success, Netflix announced that the series is coming back for a fourth season at its Netflix Tudum fan event.

Sex Education currently has three seasons with a total of 24 episodes, with the fourth season premiering in September 2023.

Sex Education Season 4

The good news is that Netflix has renewed Sex Education for a fourth season.

The bad news is that it is also the final season of the hit show.

So while we can't wait to see Otis, Maeve and Eric back on our tv screens on September 21st 2023, we will also be very sad to say goodbye to them!

Where Is Sex Education Filmed?

Filming for the first season of Sex Education took place at several locations in the Wye Valley in both Wales and England.

Locations included Llandogo, Tintern, Symonds Yat, Monmouth, and Redbrook.

The scenes set at Moordale Secondary School were filmed at the former campus of the University of South Wales in Caerleon, Newport.

Filming for the third season took place at several locations in Kent with Shorncliffe Military Cemetery in Sandgate and The Hawthorne Trench doubling as WWI locations in France for Episode 5.

Is Sex Education A Polemic Series?

Although we don't consider Sex Education a controversial series, the truth is that it talks about subjects that are still a little sensitive socially.

However, it is a refreshing series in how it approaches these subjects casually and humorously.

As a result, the series has gained fans of all ages and genders, bringing comfort and uncomplicated some situations.

Sex Education dedicates a considerable amount of time to addressing safe sex practices. Season one had a fun sequence about putting on a condom, while season three had the sexual health clinic scene.

Teenage shows rarely talk about gay sexuality, so having an open character discussion about this was a bold step in the right direction for representation.

One of the main themes in Sex Education is whether or not characters are ready to have sex and the teenage pressures for it. The first episode starts right in that direction, and in season three, the subject is brought up again by Olivia (Simone Ashley, Bridgerton) with fears about being pressured to have unprotected sex.

One of the most memorable stories of the first season was Maeve's discovery that she is pregnant and chooses to go to an abortion clinic. The episode is serious but raw, showing the reality of abortion with sensitivity and much empathy.

Teenage pregnancy is a topic that many teens are known to use as a plot device, and few shows treat it as honestly as Sex Education.

The third season featured Cal (Dua Saleh), a non-binary student who develops a strong bond with Jackson (Kedar Williams-Stirling). Through Cal, the show explores some everyday issues that non-binary teens experience, including the rejection from others, even their teachers.

One of the best-supporting characters in the show is Lily (Tanya Reynolds). She is unique in every way, living in her own world and sexual escapades. But the show never treats her as a joke.

The fact that she can combine her sexual interests with her art makes her a role model for teenagers. The show proves that a teenager can find all sorts of ways for their sexual ideas and desires.

Besides these, there are many other subjects that Sex Education covers in a fun and relaxed way, making it one of the best series on Netflix.

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