Shows Like Succession – 10 Amazing Dramas To Stream NOW

Shows Like Succession – 10 Amazing Dramas To Stream NOW

Succession is a satirical black comedy-drama series centred on the Roy family, a fictional American global media family that is not only rich and powerful but also magnificently dysfunctional.

They begin a fight for the family inheritance in the uncertainty over the patriarch's health. The series was created by Jesse Armstrong and explores family loyalty, international business and the dangers of power in the 21st century.

Shows Like Succession

If you've become a Succession fan and are looking for new entertainment while you patiently await the following season, you've reached the right place.

We've put together a list of ten equally addictive shows like Succession for you. So follow the relationship between a prosecutor with an aggressive temper and one of the wealthiest men in the country in Billions.

Or how about an unscrupulous politician who will stop at nothing to gain power in the USA in House of Cards?

Meet a brilliant young man with a photographic and encyclopaedic memory who, despite not having finished college, ends up being hired by one of the most renowned and famous lawyers in New York in an accidental interview, in Suits.

Check out our list of shows like Succession, and we are sure you will find hours of entertainment. Remember to leave us more suggestions in the comments below!


What Is Succession About?

Logan Roy (Brian Cox) is the formidable patriarch of the Roy family, one of the most powerful in society, and the owner of a media and entertainment empire known as Waystar Royco.

He has always been more dedicated to business than to his four children, Connor, Kendall, Roman and Siobhan.

His son Kendall (Jeremy Strong), currently division president in the family business and the apparent successor, is preparing to take over as head of the company. Still, Logan doesn't trust him enough to run things.

Roman Roy (Kieran Culkin) is the outspoken and fun-loving son who has been removed from business operations, while older brother Connor (Alan Ruck) and sister Shiv (Sarah Snook) sit on the board but don't work in the company.

When Logan's health takes a turn for the worse, his descendants begin a scramble for control of the companies, but their hunger for power proves quite dangerous, putting the loyalty of each of them to the test.

On his 80th birthday, Logan gathers his family to tell them that he has decided to remain head of the company for a few more years and is giving his partner, Marcy, a significant share of the company after his death.

This begins a chain of negotiations and manipulations between the family that only get more complicated as time passes.

A dark series that becomes amusing, where every member of the Roy family is a deeply terrible person who is knowingly manipulative and greedy for money but also incredibly socially awkward.

Critical Acclaim

Succession received wide critical acclaim primarily for its writing, acting, and production values.

The series even received numerous awards and nominations, including two wins at the British Academy Television Award for Best International Program and the Golden Globe for Best Television Series – Drama.

It also won the Primetime Emmy for Best Drama Series in 2020 and 2022. Jesse Armstrong also collected three wins for Best Writing for a Drama Series.

How Many Seasons Does Succession Have?

Succession premiered in June 2018 with one season of ten episodes. Promptly acclaimed by critics and fans worldwide, the second season debuted in August of the following year with another ten episodes.

The third season was released in October 2021, with one episode less than the others. The series was renewed for a fourth and final season, which premiered in March 2023.

Succession will finish with four seasons and 39 episodes.

What Is The Appropriate Age To Watch Succession?

Succession is a dark comedy about an extremely wealthy family who owns a large media company. The patriarch uses wealth and power to manipulate and control his extended family.

The drama works as the characters are self-centred and socially awkward, making it quite entertaining.

However, this is a show about awful people, and the satire must be understood to ensure it doesn't come out with the wrong message. Even when a character seems to be doing something selfless, there are always ulterior motives.

Strong language is used often, and they drink, smoke and use several drugs. At the beginning of the series, there is little violence and sexual scenes. However, it becomes more violent and explicit as it progresses.

Although it is entirely up to the parents to decide what kind of content they allow their children to watch, we recommend this show to more mature young people who understand the satirical message, namely those over 16.

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