Shows Like ‘The Boys’ – 8 Super Alternatives To Amazon’s Hit Series

The Boys - Amazon

We've put together a list of shows like ‘The Boys‘ that you can watch while they wait for the next season to drop. You'll find new takes on superhero shows, dark adaptations of comic books, and series featuring anti-heroes. So, whether you're looking for something to fill the void left by ‘The Boys' or just want to check out some new shows, we've got you covered!

My personal favourite is The Umbrella Academy. It is absolutely brilliant and by far the best one on the list. Also be sure to check out Love, Death + Robots, this unusual collection of 18 animated short stories is visually stunning and extremely enjoyable, especially on a 4k TV. Sci-fi fans will adore the groundbreaking animation and wide range of future stories.


We hope you enjoy our Shows & Movies Like The Boys – if you'd like to watch more series and movies from Amazon.


The Boys is an Amazon Original, which means that it is exclusively available on Amazon Prime Video in all territories. In the United States and the United Kingdom, you may subscribe to Prime Video separately or choose a full Amazon Prime membership; either provides access to view both seasons. In Canada and Australia, only the whole Prime plan is available.

You may watch a number of movies and series with Prime Video if you have an Amazon TV subscription.


To date, 16 episodes of ‘The Boys‘ are available to stream on Amazon Prime. The 16 installemts of the show run at approximately 1 hour each. The 16 episodes are split over two seasons.

The third season of The Boys has not been scheduled yet. However, season 3 has completed filming, as verified by Prime Video. The third season of The Boys is expected to debut in mid-2022.


The Boys is about a world where superpowered individuals work for powerful corporation Vought International, which exploits and markets them. Most of the superheroes are self-centered and amoral outside of their heroics.

Didn't we already reach our superhero media saturation point a decade ago? Yes, we did. But The Boys is as far removed from your average superhero TV drama as it's possible to get.

The superheroes, instead of devoting their lives to the public good, lead secret existences of complete depravity. Murder, prejudice, hard drugs, and ethically questionable sex are all part of the act of pretending to save the world.

While they kill, hate, snort, or bone their way through life, these so-called heroes also pose a significant security risk to both national and global security.

That's where The Boys come in. They're a covert worldwide task force tasked with eliminating as many superheroes as possible – The Boys go on a dangerous mission to expose the facts about the Seven and Vought, a multibillion-dollar conglomerate that manages the superheroes and conceals their dirty little secrets.

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