Shows Like ‘The Durrells’ – 11 Awesome Movies & Series To Stream

The Durrells

‘The Durrells' is the story of a widowed mother raising four children on the Greek island of Corfu in the 1930s. The show has been a huge hit for ITV, with viewing figures above 8 million per episode.

The Durrells follows in the traditions of other gently comedic dramas such as Doc Martin, Death in Paradise, and Call the Midwife. If you're looking for more shows like The Durrells, we've compiled a list of series and movies which capture the vibe of this popular show.

Here are 11 alternatives for fans of ‘The Durrells' to enjoy, the list has a pinch of nostalgia and a large helping of family drama. Take a look at the suggestions and discover a new binge-worthy series.


We hope you enjoy our Shows Like The Durrells – if you'd like to watch more drama series and movies – click here.


The Durrells is based on a true story. The Durrells did, in fact, move to Corfu from the United Kingdom in 1935, and their youngest son Gerald (who eventually became a prominent naturalist) chronicled their journey in three books: My Family and Other Animals; Birds, Beasts, and Relatives; and The Garden of the Gods.

While Gerald Durrell's works were the inspiration for the series, he wasn't the only writer in this literary family. In fact, Lawrence, or Larry, Durrell was a more renowned author than his younger brother.

Lawrence Durrell's sister Margo was less prolific, but she produced a novel as well. Whatever Happened to Margo?, which was published in 1995 after it had been written in the 1960s, chronicles her life after leaving Corfu.

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