Shows Like The Last Kingdom

The Last Kingdom

If you're looking for more shows like ‘The Last Kingdom‘, we have a great list of historical dramas that capture the brilliance and excitement of this series.

Bernard Cornwell's books ‘The Saxon Stories' were adapted by the BBC and the series first aired in 2015—the show centres around the relationship between the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons in Britain around 866.

Fans of the show who've already binged all four series will be looking for more sword action. Sadly, the upcoming season 5 will be the final instalment in the saga, and it's rumoured Netflix will drop the episodes around mid to late 2022.

Until then, our list of series that capture the feel of this brilliant show will give you plenty to watch.

The List

We hope our list of ‘Shows Like The Last Kingdom' gives you a fix of historical drama. Remember, you can check out reviews of all Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+ series and movies here.

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