8 Shows Like The Walking Dead – What To Stream And Watch Next

8 Shows Like The Walking Dead – What To Stream And Watch Next

If you are a fan of apocalyptic scenarios where the human race struggles to survive in a world taken over by zombies, we have found the perfect series for you!

With an almost unparalleled success, this series, developed by Frank Darabont, has won fans worldwide and has been nominated for several awards, including the Golden Globes.

After being shot and spending months in a coma, Sheriff Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) wakes up alone in a deserted hospital.

To his surprise, the world as he knew it no longer exists after a dangerous virus causes a zombie infestation in the US town of Cynthiana in Kentucky.

Desperate, Rick faces the unknown threat hoping to reunite with his wife Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) and son Carl (Chandler Riggs).

The story, therefore, follows life on Earth after the apocalypse and a group of survivors led by the former policeman. He decides to join the stronger men and women to fight and travel through different places in search of solutions and other survivors.

Gradually, they realise that the dead infestation is more extensive than they thought, spreading throughout the country and potentially the rest of the world.

Society as they knew it no longer exists, and all that remains is the desire to survive. In the middle of the chaos of this new world, Rick and his companions realise that the interpersonal conflicts of the humans surviving may be a more significant threat than the zombies themselves.

If you love this type of series and are looking forward to another one that gets you so excited, look no further!

We have created a list of 8 shows like The Walking Dead that will leave you totally glued to the screen.

With post-apocalyptic scenarios destroyed by a lethal virus, the Earth uninhabitable by a nuclear war, or a planet inhospitable by excessive pollution in the atmosphere, the hard part will be to choose which one to start first.

Check out our list of shows like The Walking Dead and you might find your new favourite series!

If you have any other suggestions we can't miss, don't forget to write them in the comments below.


How Many Seasons Does The Walking Dead Have?

The Walking Dead has 11 seasons with a total of 169 episodes.

The series premiered on October 31, 2010, and quickly became one of the most-watched in the genre.

With increasing numbers of fans as the plot progressed, it achieved strong ratings, exceeding several cable channel series records, including 12.42 million viewers in the last episode of its third season.

The fifth season premiere also broke records, including the most-watched drama episode in cable history with 17.29 million viewers.

In February 2019, the series was renewed for a tenth season, which premiered on October 6 of the same year. However, due to the pandemic, the season could not be completed by the planned date and only aired at the end of 2020.

During the 2020 San Diego Comic-Con, the network announced that the season would gain six additional episodes, which aired in 2021.

The eleventh and final season premiered on August 22, 2021 and will finally finish off one of the best series ever made.

What Is The Walking Dead Based On?

The Walking Dead is an American post-apocalyptic drama television series based on the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard.

The series is produced by AMC Studios in Georgia, with most filming taking place in the large outdoor spaces of Riverwood Studios near Senoia, Georgia.

It was adapted from the comics by Frank Darabont, who also served as showrunner for the first season.

However, conflicts between Darabont and AMC forced his exit from the series, following Glen Mazzara, Scott M. Gimple and Angela Kang as showrunners.

The television show generally follows Kirkman's comics in the main characters and storylines. An example of this is the events in the season seven premiere episode that correlates with the events of issue 100 of the comic books.

Despite this, the series does not try to go step-by-step with the comics and has plenty of narrative slack.

An example of this occurs in the fourth season when Hershel Greene is beheaded by the Governor in the confrontation with Rick's group in prison, and in the comics, Tyreese suffers this fate.

In addition, the writers have included entirely new characters, such as Daryl Dixon, which producer Gale Anne Hurd says helps create a new dynamic for the series and keeps the audience guessing about what had already been established in the comic books.

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