Shows Like Virgin River – 10 Heartfelt Dramas To Stream NOW

Shows Like Virgin River – 10 Heartfelt Dramas To Stream NOW

TV drama Virgin River has been a huge hit for Netflix. Based on the novels by Robyn Carr, we get to follow the life of Mel Monroe, a nurse practitioner who moves to the small town of Virgin River for a fresh start.

Millions of us have been glued to the on-going ‘will they won't they' between Mel and Jack. And of course, there are all of the other juicy subplots that this fantastic drama has handed up to us over four seasons.

The good news for Virgin River fans is that Season 5 is on the way.

However, it will not hit our screens until at least mid-2023 (insert appropriate crying emoji here!). As usual, fans were left hanging at the end of the last season so fingers crossed some of our burning questions will be finally answered!!

Shows Like Virgin River

Until then, we can either re-watch the first four seasons or find more shows like Virgin River to fill the time until Mel and Jack make their way back on to our screens.

So to help you out we've put together a list of ten amazing shows like Virgin River to make it much easier to find what you want to watch next.

We've tried to include a whole range of dramas so whether you want sweet and heartful or something with a little more edge, we've got you covered.

Check out the shows below and as always, let us know in the comments if you think we've missed anything out!


Where Is Virgin River?

Virgin River is actually a fictional town and unfortunately, the show is not filmed in one specific place. Basically, if you were hoping to up sticks and move there, it doesn't exist!

Instead, the series is primarily filmed in Canada, specifically in and around the city of Vancouver in British Columbia.

Many of the show's outdoor scenes are shot in the town of Squamish, British Columbia, which is located about 40 miles north of Vancouver.

Other filming locations include various towns and cities in British Columbia, such as the city of Richmond and the town of Port Coquitlam.

The show's interior scenes are filmed at various soundstages and studios in Vancouver, including North Shore Studios and Burnaby's Bridge Studios.

The stunning natural beauty of British Columbia's forests, rivers, and mountains provides a picturesque backdrop for the show's romantic and emotional storyline.

Who Shot Jack In Virgin River?

Don't worry if you haven't already seen it, Jack may have been shot but he survived!

The identity of the person who shot Jack Sheridan, played by Martin Henderson, at the end of season 2 of Virgin River has not been revealed yet. The show left viewers on a cliffhanger, with Jack being found bleeding on the floor of his bar with a gunshot wound to his abdomen.

Fans of the show have been speculating about who might have shot Jack, with many theories ranging from his troubled ex-girlfriend Charmaine to a dangerous drug dealer that he had crossed paths with earlier in the season.

So for now, the answer remains a mystery, as the shooter is still on the loose and no suspects have been identified. And it seems this crime will remain unsolved for some time to come.

What Happened To Charmaine's Baby?

Despite the fact that we are heading into Season 5, and we found out Charmaine was pregnant in Season ONE, she still has not had those babies! It's officially the longest pregnancy in the history of tv!!

So as the storyline drags out, the identity of Charmaine's babies father remains a mystery.

While some believe he is Jack Sheridan, others think it could be someone else entirely, especially as Charmaine made the shocking confession that Jack wasn't the father of her twins like we expected.

With no definitive answer in sight, the mystery surrounding who Charmaine had her babies with continues to hang over the town. Whoever he is, he has left an undeniable impact on Charmaine and those around her.

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