Silo Season 2 – When Is The Hit Sci-Fi Drama Returning To Apple TV+?

Silo Season 2 – When Is The Hit Sci-Fi Drama Returning To Apple TV+?

Silo is a TV series set in a dystopian future where humanity survives deep underground in a colossal silo.

Created by Graham Yoast, the show follows Juliette, an engineer who is tasked with unraveling the truth about their sheltered existence and the outside world that's been labeled as uninhabitable after a failed rebellion over a century ago.

The show is based on Hugh Howey's self-published Wool novels and features a unique post-apocalyptic mystery that has had fans glued until the last seconds of the final episode.

Starring Rebecca Ferguson, Tim Robbins, and Common, it is a stylish and intriguing sci-fi drama that Apple quickly renewed!

In fact they gave the thumbs up for Silo season 2 before the first season had even ended.

So now that we know we're getting another instalment, when can we expect to see it on Apple TV+?

Silo 2 Release Date

The good news is that we know we are getting Silo season 2. The bad news is that the announcement came before the first season ended so production hasn't even begun on the second.

It took 18 months for the first season to hit our screens from when filming began and we could be looking at the same again.

Our best guess, based on the timings from the first season, is that we will get Silo season 2 in late 2024.

And as always, as soon as we have an official release date for Silo season 2, we will let you know!

Silo Season 1 Recap

Before we delve into what's in store for season 2, let's take a little look at season 1.

We learned that the silo is home to 10,000 who don't know that they are all being monitored and watched 24/7. A previous rebellion led to the destruction of absolutely everything connected ot the outside world.

That means nobody in the silo knows why they are there or for how long. They just know that they cannot go outside. However, exceptions are made when somebody has committed a crime or asks to go out. Those that have left the silo have never come back.

When George Wilkins gets close to uncovering the truth, he mysteriously dies. His friend Juliette persuades the sheriff to look deeper into the case. But when the sheriff asks to leave the Silo, Juliette takes his place to get to the bottom of what is happening.

But as she gets closer to the truth she finds herself in imminent danger. Can she reveal the truth or will she too be sent outside?

Silo Season 2 What Will happen?

It's time to clean! But not in Juliette's case as she refused, opting instead to use her time to prove she was right about the outside.

But just like us viewers, she was totally unprepared for what exactly faced her. Before she even made it outside she was blasted with a smoke so one theory is that it's this that slowly kills those who leave, not the actual air outside!

And why didn't Juliette die? Well, that could be the tape that her suit was wrapped in. Remember that Marta swapped it out and left the cryptic note about how ‘all is good in supply'? Maybe, her superior tape, prevented the toxic smoke/air from getting to Juliette.

That means we finally got to see ‘outside'. And what did we get? Dozens and dozens of other silos. Could they be connected by the door that George talked about in his video? Maybe we'll get the answers in Silo season 2.

Let's talk about that hard drive. Did you notice that it is numbered 18, the same as the key that lets Bernard into the server room? And even though he ‘smashed' it, he didn't destroy it and instead appears to have keep an in tact disc! So what exactly is on it? And what is the significance of the number 18?

Potential Spoilers For Season 2

Silo is based on a trilogy of stories, told over nine books from Hugh Howey. Although the first season was based on the first series, Wool, it didn't complete the whole story.

In the end of Wool, Juliette finds the entrance to another Silo. Inside, she meets a man called Solo who explains that she is in Silo 17. He also reveals that there are dozens more Silos, and he shows her how to communicate with them, including her own Silo 18. (Which answers our '18' question from above!)

She discovers that Silo 18's Mechanical staff launched a rebellion against Bernard. But here's the twist. Bernard admits that he only ever wanted to protect the silo.

In the event that a rebellion actually wins, the managing authority in Silo 1 will exterminate that Silo's inhabitants. Despite this, Bernard is sent out to clean and dies. Juliette returns and is elected as Silo 18's next mayor by a grateful populace.

Silo then moves onto Shift which is the second arc of the series. This however, steps back in time to 2049 when Congressman Donald Keene is tasked with designing a self-sustaining shelter.

He must create a Silo, that will be built near a nuclear waste facility for workers to use during emergencies. This, it appears, takes us back to where it all began.

Whether or not all of these plots will be included in Silo season 2 remains to be seen. But we do know that over the course of all nine books, the story comes full circle and there is a resolution.

The problem for Apple TV is that it's going to take far more than two seasons to play it all out!

Where To Watch Silo

Silo is only available to watch on the Apple TV+ streaming service.

The show is not available on any other streaming platforms, such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video.

However, users can sign up for the Apple TV+ subscription to watch Silo and other original shows and movies produced by Apple.

If you want to try it out, Apple TV+ offers a free trial period of seven days for first-time subscribers, after which users will be charged a monthly fee.

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