5 Of The Greatest Sports Films Of All Time

5 Of The Greatest Sports Films Of All Time

Everybody loves a good movie, especially if it corresponds to something they love or identify with. Different genres have come up from, including musicals, action, Sci-Fi, and many others. However, one genre that nearly everybody enjoys, regardless of gender or age is sports.

Sports are fun, healthy, competitive, social, and often contain a dash of drama and heightened emotion, all of which make for great entertainment.

There is a whole bunch of sports films, some of which have even garnered awards. They can change how we perceive life since they are very inspirational. Plus many are based on real-life stories of sports legends and their ascent to greatness. If you are looking for great entertainment for a relaxing Sunday afternoon, why not watch an entire list? Besides, there are so many, and it would be a shame for you to miss out on any:

A League Of Their Own

This movie brought women together to form a baseball team after the major leaguers went off to fight in World War II. The head coach, played by Tom Hanks, was outstanding with his wit and sarcastic remarks. He always told the ladies that there was no crying in baseball.

The story may not come across as enjoyable, but as it builds up, the story will surely captivate you.

Major League

This sports film revolves around Ricky Vaughn, a pitcher who started in jail before joining the Indians. He is played by Charlie Sheen on the Cleveland Indians team, and everybody nicknamed him the ‘Wild Thing'. The new owner of the team, Lynn Wells, moves the team to a different area.

The number of fans reduces and attendance is poor. She decides to field the worst players that she can find. However, they uncover her plot and start winning the games to spite her. In addition to showing some sports action, this movie will crack you up.


All Rocky movies are worth watching. Rocky is about a boxer from Philly who gets a shot at the title. With the help of his trainer, his wife, brother in law and friends, he wins the title and proceeds to become the greatest fighter of all time. He manages to beat the great Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang other great fighters who had been in the ring way longer than he ever was. Rocky was able to live up to his name, the Italian Stallion.


Sean Austin plays Rudy, who grows up in a poor Irish home and dreams of going to the University of Notre Dame. Rudy works hard every day of his life in the company of his buddy, with whom he worked at a factory. He goes through a myriad of challenges, including the death of his friend and getting rejected three times on his university application.

Finally, Rudy gets accepted at the University of Notre dame where he decides to join the football team. But during the tryouts, he doesn't get the reception he hopes for. Despite his hard work, he doesn't get to play in any of the games until his final year. However, Rudy turned out to be an extraordinary player. He sacks the Georgia Tech quarterback and gets carried off the field as all of his family and friends watch.

Remember The Titans

This movie was released in 2000 and revolves around the story of a high school football team in the 1970s. The biggest threat to the team’s cohesiveness is racism, which was rife in the 70s. The head coach, however, takes the team to a training camp in Pennsylvania. While there, he taught the team about the adverse effects of racism and the need to work as a family for success.

Two team players, Julius Campbell and Gerry Barter, cannot stand each other, but by the end of the training, they become close, and so does the team as a whole. Throughout the movie, the team shares memorable moments and wins. Unfortunately, the lead defender, Barter dies in a car crash. Still, the team ends up having a perfect season and goes on to win the state championship.

The sports films above will show you some of the hardships that famous athletes and sportsmen and women go through to achieve greatness, as well as the behind-the-scenes dynamics of your favorite sports teams. Grab some popcorn and enjoy watching these excellent movies.

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