13 Streaming Shows Perfect For Couples Who Can’t Agree On What To Watch

Streaming For Couples

Netflix and Chill? More like Netflix and Kill. It's a common occurrence these days. Your partner suggests watching something on Netflix or Amazon Prime, and you hate the idea of the series or movie they've picked.

You suggest a new Netflix series that Sarah in the accounts department at work recommended, your partner asks, who's Sarah? Now you're in trouble!

You spend an hour debating what to watch and eventually you go to bed without watching anything!

Well, NextFlick.tv is here for you with this list of 13 shows on popular streaming platforms which are perfect for couples who can't agree on what to watch! So, no more arguing (for now) at least over what to watch… You can explain all about Sarah!

My personal favourite on the list is ‘Palm Springs' which can best be described as a ‘Science Fiction romantic comedy' – perfect for date night viewing.

The List

Get cosy with someone special by watching any of these 13 programs and movies listed in the article above. It's never been easier than it is now to find something to enjoy together. And if all else fails, just ask Sarah from accounts for another recommendation.

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