The Best Sports Documentaries on Netflix and Amazon

the best Sports Documentaries on Netflix and Amazon Prime

I'm sure we would all agree that if you like sports your passion can reach almost religious levels. Whether your a tribal fan of your team or passionate about speed, the feeling is just the same. But there is one thing that sport really does do and that creates heroes.

Even if a person is not into the sport of road cycling, it would be hard not to appreciate the superhuman abilities needed to win the Tour de France.

Someone once famously said that that there was not a human alive that did not know the name Muhammad Ali. I think maybe he said it. And the gravity-defying stunts pulled by the worlds best rock climbers, push the limits of the human mind further each year that passes.

Now, in 2019 we have had our fair share of spectacular sporting events. There seems to have been more World Cups across all aspects of sport than any other year ever. The Women's World Cup, The Cricket World Cup, the Netball World Cup and later in the year the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan.

It's fair to say that whatever the sport is, we are all inspired by the incredible talents that are on display. However, as with all things sometimes there are truly exceptional examples. These heroes generate a huge following and leave a powerful imprint in history.

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So we have taken a look through, Netflix and Amazon Prime. Then pulled together an amazing list of seventeen stories of legends, heroes, champions and Speed Kings. Plenty enough sports passion to get you through the times when the is no sport on the TV.

What are the best Sports Documentaries on Netflix and Amazon Prime?


















There is so much to watch in that list and we have tried to get a good selection to cover lots of different types of sports for you. But keep your eyes open, we will always be writing new reviews for the best sports documentaries on Netfix and Amazon!

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