The Circle Season 5 Release Date – When Is It Coming To Netflix?

The Circle Season 5 Release Date – When Is It Coming To Netflix?

Based on the British TV series of the same name, The Circle first aired on Netflix in January 2020.

A hugely popular show, to date there have been four seasons of the US version with Netflix also rolling out versions in France and Brazil. So now we want to know when will we see The Circle Season 5??

As a social experiment, it's quite a good show but it also comes with plenty of drama, keeping fans hooked to see if their favourite will win the game.

But for those of you not sure what it is all about, here's a quick recap.

What Is The Circle About?

The Circle is a reality competition based around social media. A number of players move into separate apartments in the same building but are kept isolated from each other and the outside world.

They are not allowed to meet or communicate with each other face-to-face and instead can only communicate with each other via The Circle.

That is a specially-designed social media application that looks like a social profile and allows group chats and private messaging.

Each contestant creates their unique profile with photos and mini bios allowing them to be whoever they want to be. After all, nobody knows who they are!

That means players can be themselves or they can make up a completely fictitious person as a tactic otherwise known as catfishing.

In previous seasons, male contestants have pretended to be female, women have pretended to be men, married people pretended to be single and older people pretended to be younger.

Players still genuinely become friends and form alliances which is important. Because very few days the players must rank their competitors from least favourite to favourite.

Those at the bottom are in danger of going home, while those at the top become Influencers and have the power to choose who must leave The Circle.

The last player standing wins the game.

The Circle Season 5 Release Date

In previous seasons plenty of players have gotten caught out by catfishing. In fact, you kind of feel sorry for those that fall head over heels for another player only to find out in real life they are married.

So in a twist, The Circle Season 5 is going to be played only by Singles. That means no married or attached players which adds the twist that some might even find love!!

The players are all single and ready to mingle so expect more flirting, more drama and more surprises.

The Circle season 5 starts on December 28th 2022 and new episodes will roll out each Wednesday.

So unlike other Netflix shows, The Circle Season 5 will not air all at once. Instead you will have to tune in on January 4, 11, and 18 for the finale.

Where Is The Circle Filmed?

Would you be surprised to hear the The Circle US is not actually filmed in the US? The show is filmed entirely in the same apartment building in Salford, England.

The apartment building is prepared with twelve fully furnished apartments for the players to live in along with an exercise room and a rooftop lounge.

It is located by the River Irwell on the edge of Manchester City centre and is known as the Adelphi Wharf 1 building.

Surprisingly, it is a real apartment block that has 369 apartments so ordinary people live in the building while filming takes place.

Opposite the apartment building, in what was previously a college campus, is where the control room is located. This is where the producers and camera operators work, record and send all the messages from The Circle.

How To Be On The Circle

Want to be on The Circle? Applying couldn't be easier. The show has it's own casting website:

Keep checking the site as applications for each season have a closing date. So if you're too late for the next season, you may still be in with a chance for the one after – if more are made!

Who Narrates The Circle?

The host of The Circle is Michelle Buteau, an American stand-up comedian, actress, television host, and podcast host.

We don't see her a lot on the show. However, she does introduce it and is there for the finale to chat to the contestants.

If you want to see more of her, she has her own stand-up special on Netflix.

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