The Mole Season 2 When Is It Coming To Netflix?

The Mole Season 2 When Is It Coming To Netflix?

Who doesn't love a good reality show with tonnes of twists and turns?? That's probably why The Mole was such a massive success for Netflix when it premiered in October 2022.

To avoid confusion, The Mole was an existing show on ABC that ended fourteen years ago after five seasons.

So technically, The Mole on Netflix is the SIXTH season, although we're waiting for the second season on Netflix (officially the 7th season).

The new version is hosted by Alex Wagner and was filmed in Australia for Netflix.

So after we spent weeks trying to guess who was lying and cheating their way through the first season, our question now is – The Mole season 2 – when is it coming to Netflix??

The Mole Season 2 Release Date

Netflix really likes to drag out the drama when it comes to its shows, and The Mole season 2 is no exception.

But there is good news in that The Mole has been officially renewed for a second season.

The high-stakes competition series is returning for another round with 12 brand-new players to accuse of being absolutely suss.

Casting is currently underway – so if you fancy your chances, then you can apply here.

But here's the thing – the announcement was only made on February 15th 2023. So with no cast yet, filming definitely hasn't started.

However, filming only takes about six weeks, and the post-production turnaround time is pretty quick, especially as episodes are dropped weekly.

So we are pretty certain that The Mole season 2 will be released later in 2023.

The Mole Recap

Twelve players must complete assignments to earn money for the group pot. However, one of the twelve is the titular “Mole”.

This is a player selected by production to secretly sabotage the assignments and cause the group to earn the least amount of money for the winner's pot as possible.

Players must learn as much about each other as possible. Then, every few days, they take a multiple choice test about the identity of the Mole.

Once the test is complete, the players await their results in an elimination ceremony. The player with the lowest score is eliminated from the game.

Contestants are eliminated until there are three remaining players – two genuine contestants and the Mole themself.

The last genuine player to survive and correctly guess the Mole's identity wins the prize pot!

The Mole Season 2 What Happens?

Given the successful formula used for the first season on Netflix, creators will be keen to stick to a similar format.

But now that we all now how the game is played, there will be a few new twists and turns to keep the players guessing.

Maybe our new 12 contestants will change up their strategies, and of course, the tasks to earn money will change.

Whichever way they change up The Mole season 2, you can be guaranteed that it will be another mega-hit for the streaming platform!

Who Was The Mole In Season One?

*SPOILER ALERT* Don't read on if you don't know who the mole was in the first Netflix season!

With twists and turns and sabotage for days, it was a tense final in The Mole's first season as the players were whittled down to just 3 potential winners.

The prize pot was worth the final pot to $101,500 and left standing were Joi, Kesi and William.

William was the ultimate winner with Kesi being unmasked as the mole.

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