Henry Cavill Cast in new Netflix show – The Witcher

Henry Cavill Cast in new Netflix show – The Witcher

Rumours are that Henry Cavill will be leaving his role as Superman. So what would make him ditch the famous red cape?

Well hot off the press, Netflix US posted a tweet giving the world a first glimpse of Cavill cast as Geralt in their new epic series ‘The Witcher'.

The Witcher has developed a cult following and was first created by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. He originally released a number of short stories about Geralt of Rivia, a man with extraordinary powers able to hunter beast and monsters. Sapkowski turned the short stories into a series of graphic novels. They have since been turned into incredibly popular video games.

With Game of Thrones coming to an end very soon, there will be a void to fill. Both Netflix and Amazon have been putting together big fantasy productions to pick up the audience that GoT will leave behind.

Social media was in overdrive yesterday when fans got their first viewing of Cavill in their heroes role. He has been fantastic as Superman so playing a character that fights with unearthly creatures looks like the perfect role for him.

Filming has started, but things are being kept tightly under wraps by Netflix which is raising anticipation. It looks like we may get the release of the first season late next year (2019) or early 2020. I can't wait.

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