Best True Crime Shows On Netflix

Best True Crime Shows On Netflix

True crime has always intrigued people to the extent that when it comes to watching television shows, it is one of the most popular genres right now. There have been movies, documentaries, and series made on serial killers and criminals that have become iconic, especially since the start of streaming services across the world.

What started initially with Netflix is now spreading through other streaming services that are investing more money into shows that depict real-life instances of murder. Having one of the top streaming apps handy, thus, is a great way to keep up-to-date with the latest in real crime shows, which are a never-ending source of entertainment, enlightenment, and also fear. The leader in this pack is still Netflix, and here are some of the best series and documentaries on it, that you must watch.


Based on a book written by John Douglas, the show is about an elite, yet a new team of behaviourists who were the first to profile serial killers for the FBI.

The show has a lot of drama, overlooks any action, and focuses more on the psychological aspect of all the people involved. Some of the best scenes in both the seasons of Mindhunter are when the lead characters go to interview known serial killers.

These characters are based on real-life murdered such as Edmund Kemper, Dennis Radar, Richard Speck, David Berkowitz, and Charles Manson, some of the most notorious serial killers to have walked on Earth.

The Confession Killer

More of a statement on the ups and downs of police work, The Confession Killer is the true story of Henry Lee Lucas, who falsely took credit for killing over 600 people.

While there are shocking moments throughout this documentary that follows the trials and tribulations of Lucas after his arrest, what is even scarier is how he was able to confess to crimes he had not done.

Keeping in tune with Netflix’s other documentaries, this series presents an in-depth portrayal of the killer, as well as the justice system that allowed many killers to get away, just because everyone was in a hurry to close their cold cases.


For some, he was nothing short of God, while for others, he was the deadliest killer of them all. The true story of Pablo Escobar was, until Narcos, either known only to the Columbians or few people who had taken the time to read more about the most significant drug cartel ever.

The brilliance of Narcos, the series, is that it presents the story of Escobar from all viewpoints. Whether it is the FBI and the local police trying to catch a drug kingpin, Escobar's love for his people and family, or the atrocities that the locals went through, Narcos captured it beautifully episode after episode.

As a result, it is finally the audience who gets to decide for themselves who Escobar really was and how he managed to remain one of the most feared people in the world for more than a decade. Narcos remains an essential true crime watch on Netflix even after the series ended in 2017.

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