Upload Season 3 Release Date – When Is It Coming To Amazon?

Upload Season 3 Release Date –  When Is It Coming To Amazon?

Upload is a sci-fi comedy-drama series exclusive to Amazon Prime, crafted by the creative mind of Greg Daniels, the man behind some of the most beloved sitcoms like The Office and Parks and Recreation.

The series, set in a high-tech near future, ventures into the afterlife, exploring the notion of digital heavens where people can upload their consciousness post-mortem.

Of course this leads to a fascinating blend of philosophical pondering and comedic elements. With its unique premise, the vibrant cast breathe life into this digital afterworld.

First airing on Prime Video in May 2020, Upload was a big hitter for the streaming platform, so much so that they quickly renewed it for a second season.

Again, it proved to be incredible popular so, you guessed it, a third season was green lit.

Which brings us to why you are here. You want to know when Upload season 3 is coming to Amazon. And we've got all the answers….

Upload Season 3 Release Date

Amazon gave the thumbs up for season 3 all the way back in May 2022. So it's been been a while since we spent some time with Nathan, Nora and Ingrid.

The good news is that the wait is nearly over. Prime Video has confirmed that Upload season 3 will air on October 20th 2023.

Again, the episode number has changed. So while the first season had 10 episodes, and the second had 7, Upload season 3 will have eight episodes.

These will drop two at a time with the last two episodes airing on November 10th 2023.

Until then, there are tonnes of other great sci-fi/fantasy dramas that you can get stuck into – check out some of the great ones here.

Upload Recap

Upload follows the story of Nathan Brown (Robbie Amell, Stimulant), a young man who finds himself uploaded to a luxurious digital afterlife called Lakeview after a car accident.

While navigating this new existence, Nathan develops a relationship with his living customer service “Angel,” Nora Antony (Andy Allo), who works for the company running Lakeview.

The series delves deep into the implications of a digital afterlife, wrapped in a layer of humour and mystery, as Nathan tries to uncover the truth behind his premature demise.

At the heart of Upload is the relationship between Nathan and Nora, providing a sentimental anchor to the narrative.

Their interactions, filled with genuine chemistry and evolving emotions, explore the complexities of connection in a world where the boundaries between life and death have been blurred.

Upload Season 2 Recap

In the second season of Upload, Nora is brought to live with the Ludds, a group of techno-sceptic anarchists, by her father.

Meanwhile, Nathan struggles to locate Nora and, feeling dejected, he becomes entangled with Ingrid Kannerman once again.

In a surprising twist, it is revealed that Ingrid, who Nathan believed had uploaded for him, was in fact using a VR bodysuit.

The season unfolds as Nora becomes involved in covert operations with the Ludds, attempting to infiltrate Lakeview and expose the tactics of the ultra-wealthy corporations.

Nathan and Nora eventually reunite and team up to uncover conspiracies, all while navigating their relationship.

Nathan discovers Ingrid’s plans to grow him a new body for downloading, leading to a decisive break from her.

Nora and the Ludds collaborate to facilitate Nathan’s download. However, the season concludes on a cliffhanger, with Nathan experiencing signs of download failure.

So has he made it out? Watch Upload season 3 to find out…

Upload Season 3 What Happens?

Nathan does make it out and having been downloaded into his new body seems to be having a nice life.

However, things go very wrong when an angel at Lakeview accidentally backs up an old version essentially creating two Nathan's – one in the real world and one in the digital world.

The problem is that digital Nathan doesn't remember breaking up with Ingrid. So she uses that as an opportunity to reconnect with him all over again.

So which Nathan will ultimately survive and will it be Nora or Ingrid who can finally capture his heart?

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