3 Ways To Learn From The TV You Watch

3 Ways To Learn From The TV You Watch

Since we were kids, we were told that too much TV would make our eyes go square and ruin our brains. At best, it would make us thoughtless zombies. At worst, we would learn to be violent and immoral.

Society’s views on TV have changed a lot in the past couple of decades. It helps that we have seen some of the best content emerge in the age of “Peak TV.”

However, we still tend to feel guilty about sitting in front of the screen.

Well, that does not have to be the case. By watching TV, you can actually stimulate your brain and learn a lot about the world.

These are 3 ways to learn from the TV you watch.

Watch Nature Documentaries

There are tons of documentaries available. Many of them are truly excellent, with great cinematography and incredible amounts of research behind them.

But if you really want to learn, it is in nature documentaries that you'll find the most satisfaction.

Nature documentaries are so important because they reconnect us with natural life around the world while alerting us to the dangers of excess consumerism.

Watching a series like Planet Earth is a mind-blowing experience, with visuals that will make you want to climb into a TV.

It helps you to invest emotionally in the protection of the planet and shows you why change is necessary.

There are tons of nature documentaries on Netflix, which will make your TV viewing truly worthwhile.

Learn A Language

These days, there is no reason why the TV series you watch have to be in English. There are so many great movies and shows on Netflix and Prime Video that have been subtitled with expertise so as to keep the full meaning of every line.

However, watching foreign language shows does not have to be a passive experience. You can actually learn languages from watching TV.

Lingopie is an app which provides thousands of hours of foreign language series (currently boasting Spanish, French, and Russian).

These series are paired with interactive subtitles. You can click on their subtitles to find out more information about a word or phrase, and the app will keep track of them on cue cards.

This kind of learning really uplifts your binge-watching experience. Read this review of Lingopie to find out the details that make this app unique, including low-cost subscriptions and which languages are coming next.

Engage With Diversity

As someone who grew up in a very uniform environment, I have always wanted to bring more diversity in my life.

However, it is tough to do so when you do not already know people from diverse backgrounds. You can’t exactly go to someone of a different culture and ask them to teach you about diversity.

Thankfully, TV series and movies in 2021 are more diverse than ever. You can watch series to find out more about people from different cultures, with different sexual orientations, and from different ethnicities.

It is not a perfect substitute for real-life experience, but it does broaden your understanding of the world outside of your bubble.

TV doesn't have to be a guilty pleasure. You can learn so much from it when you watch with the intention to grow.

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