When Is Titans Season 4 Coming Out On Netflix?

When Is Titans Season 4 Coming Out On Netflix?

Titans is the superhero tv series based on the DC Comics Teen Titans. Created by Greg Berlanti, Akiva Goldsman and Geoff Johns it first aired in 2018 and follows a group of young heroes who join forces in their fight against evil.

We've already binged three seasons of the fab show, and we're ready for a fourth! But what exactly is going on with season 4 of Titans? And when will it be on Netflix?


By any measure, Titans Season 3 was a vast improvement on the second season. Everything about it was just better. The storylines, the pace, the action were all vastly improved and like any good show, it had enough threads at the end to keep us wanting more.

The good news is that there is a Titans Season 4. A fourth season was announced at DC FanDome in October 2021. The bad news is that it will be the LAST season.

Season 1 and 2 were initially aired on DC Universe, with Netflix picking up the distribution rights. The third season was aired on HBO Max first before landing on Netflix, outside of the USA, in December 2021.

Usually, it is about six weeks from the last episode airing on HBO to the entire season dropping on Netflix (outside of the US).

Titans season 4 started airing on HBO Max on November 3rd 2022. It was split into two different parts, with the second airing in April 2023.

As we know that Netflix likes to add entire seasons to its platform, so we will see the fourth and final season on Netflix on June 25th 2023.

The good news is that Titus Welliver (Bosch) has been added to the cast as Lex Luther, no doubt to try and lure his son away from the Titans….interesting!


So far Netflix has delivered 38 episodes of Titans over three seasons. With an additional 12 episodes in the fourth season, it takes the total to 50 episodes over four seasons.

The first season largely explored the origin stories of most of the characters.

We got our first look at Dick Grayson as he tried to shake off the association with Batman and the bigger storyline revolved around Rachel Roth and her battle against the dangerous forces that were pursuing her.

We also saw the introduction of Kory Anders as she landed on Earth from Tamaran and along with Donna Troy and crime-fighting duo Dawn Granger and Hank Hall they renewed the Titans.

And no recap of Titans season 1 would be complete without mentioning Jason Todd, Batman's new Robin and all-round overly eager teen who is constantly getting into trouble.

Season 2 of Titans moved on from saving Rachel and became more about training the younger members of the group. But with the return of the Titans, also came the reemergence of assassin Deathstroke.

As he attempted to eliminate them one by one, the Titans were forced to take him on again, resolving a lot of the issues that caused them to break up in the first place.

Conner also made his first appearance as the genetic product of both Superman and Lex Luther. But is he good or is he evil and how did he impact the Titans?

And that brings us to Titans Season 3. The best season so far, the Titans head back to Gotham as a new threat emerges in the form of Red Hood and the notorious criminal Jonathan Crane. But when the Titans discover who Red Hood really is, opinions on how to end the reign of terror are divided.

We left the Titans with Gotham restored to peace with each member heading off in their own direction. Dick brings Tim Drake onto the team so we will definitely have that storyline to look forward to in Titans Season 4.


  1. Titans
  2. Hawk and Dove
  3. Origins
  4. Doom Patrol
  5. Together
  6. Jason Todd
  7. Asylum
  8. Donna Troy
  9. Hank and Dawn
  10. Koriand'r
  11. Dick Grayson


The second season premiered on September 6, 2019, and concluded on November 29, 2019 with a total of 13 episodes. Outside the United States, it became available for streaming via Netflix on January 10, 2020.

  1. Trigon
  2. Rose
  3. Ghosts
  4. Aqualad
  5. Deathstroke
  6. Conner
  7. Bruce Wayne
  8. Jericho
  9. Atonement
  10. Fallen
  11. E.L._.O.
  12. Faux Hawk
  13. Nightwing


Season 3 has been a huge hit for Netflix. Since the week it was released (8th December 2021) fans have watched it for more than 62,370,000 hours across the globe keeping it in the Top Ten for three weeks.

  1. Barbara Gordon
  2. Red Hood
  3. Hank and Dove
  4. Blackfire
  5. Lazarus
  6. Lady Vic
  7. 51%
  8. Home
  9. Souls
  10. Troubled Water
  11. The Call Is Coming From Inside The House
  12. Prodigal
  13. Purple Rain


There will be four seasons of Titans. Despite how hugely successful it has been for both HBO and Netflix, it will not get a fifth season.


Brenton Thwaites as Dick Grayson: The leader of the Titans and former vigilante sidekick of Batman

Anna Diop as Koriand'r: An extraterrestrial royal from the planet Tamaran who has the ability to absorb and redirect solar energy.

Teagan Croft as Rachel Roth: A Cambion empath, born to a demon father and human mother.

Ryan Potter as Gar Logan: A shapeshifter who can transform into a green version of various animals, mainly a tiger.

Curran Walters as Jason Todd: Dick's successor as Batman's vigilante sidekick who is brought into the new Titans team.

Conor Leslie as Donna Troy: An adopted member of the Amazons sharing their enhanced physical abilities. Formerly Wonder Woman's sidekick.

Minka Kelly as Dawn Granger: A vigilante who serves as a tactical counterpart to her partner and boyfriend Hank.

Alan Ritchson (Reacher) as Hank Hall: The aggressive half in a vigilante duo composed of himself and his girlfriend Dawn.

Esai Morales as Slade Wilson: A biologically-enhanced assassin and former Delta Force operator who has a history with the original Titans.

Chelsea Zhang as Rose Wilson: Deathstroke's daughter, who shares his enhanced reflexes and regenerative healing.

Joshua Orpin as Conner: A genetic clone of Superman and Lex Luthor, possessing the abilities and personality traits of both.

Savannah Welch as Barbara Gordon: The commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department, succeeding her late father.

Vincent Kartheiser as Dr. Jonathan Crane: A criminal psychologist who exploits the fears of his victims.

Damaris Lewis as Blackfire: A Tamaranean royal and Kory's younger sister.

Jay Lycurgo as Tim Drake: Potentially new Robin, introduced in Season 3.

Iain Glen as Batman/Bruce Wayne: Billionaire Bruce Wayne who has mentored both Dick Grayson and Jason Todd.


Like so many tv shows, Titans is filmed in Canada. Filming for the first season of Titans began on November 15, 2017, in Toronto, and Hamilton, Ontario. That took eight months to complete, ending in June 2018.

Because it is filmed on a purpose-built set, there aren't many other locations. Filming generally takes between six and eight months, with the third season beginning on October 13, 2020 and concluding on June 15, 2021.

From there it's at least another four months in post-production due to the number of special effects. So each season takes an average of a full year to make from beginning to end.

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