Where Can I Watch King Richard – Is It On Netflix or Amazon?

Where Can I Watch King Richard – Is It On Netflix or Amazon?

King Richard is a biographical sports drama film directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green and written by Zach Baylin.

Will Smith (Spies in Disguise) stars as Richard Williams, the coach and father of famous tennis players Venus and Serena Williams. Aunjanue Ellis, Demi Singleton, Saniyya Sidney, Jon Bernthal and Tony Goldwyn also star in supporting roles.

It was named one of the ten best films of 2021 by the American Film Institute and earned six nominations at the 94th Academy Awards, including Best Picture with Will Smith winning Best Actor.

With the help of their father's unyielding commitment, Serena and Venus Williams defied insurmountable odds to become two of the greatest tennis players in the world. And this film charters their rise through the ranks and into the history books.

Whether you've seen the movie already or you want to watch King Richard for the first time, here is where it is streaming…

Where To Stream King Richard

It doesn't matter which country you live in, King Richard is available on a number of streaming platforms.

United States: There are two streaming options to watch King Richard in the US.

They are HBO Max and Direct TV. With no rental options available, if you do not subscribe to either of those platforms, you can buy the film on Apple TV+, Amazon or Google Play.

United Kingdom: If you live in the UK you only have one option to watch King Richard. That is on Sky Cinema.

You can also access Sky Cinema through the NOW TV app and watch it there.

Like the US, King Richard is unavailable to rent in the UK. Buying options are available on Amazon, Apple TV+, Sky Store of Chili.

Canada: Canadians have one option for King Richard which is only available to stream on Crave.

If you don't subscribe to any of them, you can buy it on Cineplex, Apple TV+ and Amazon.

Australia: A few streaming options for Australians who want to watch King Richard. Netflix, BINGE and Foxtel Now include it in their subscriptions.

If you don't use those apps, then you can rent it on Fetch, Google Play, Apple TV+ and Amazon.

Germany: King Richard is available only on Netflix in Germany.

If you want to buy it, then Magenta TV is the cheapest option. Rakuten TV and Video Buster are the most expensive.

Argentina: King Richard is available on HBO Max and Movistar Play. You can watch it for free if you subscribe to either of those streaming platforms.

If you don't have either of those, you can rent the film on Google Play or buy it on Apple TV+.

Spain: In Spain you can watch the film on HBO Max only.

If you don't subscribe to HBO Max, you can rent King Richard on Apple TV+, Google Play or Amazon.

Denmark: If you're in Denmark and have HBO Max then you can watch King Richard as part of your account.

Otherwise, you can rent it on ViaPlay, Blockbuster or Apple TV+.

Where Was King Richard Filmed?

Like so many other productions, filming on King Richard was halted in March of 2020. Filming resumed in October 2020 and it premiered on September 2nd 2021 at the 48th Telluride Film Festival.

Filming took place in a number of different locations. They include Los Angeles, California and the Claremont Clubin California, USA.

2114 East Piru Street in Compton, California was used as the Williams family home.

How Much Did The King Richard Film Make?

The film was made with a budget of $50,000,000. On its opening weekend, it grossed $5,406,033.

In total for the US & Canada, it made $15,129,285 at the box office.

Worldwide it grossed $39,359,895. While technically considered to have bombed at the box office, in the US the movie was also available to stream on HBO Max while it was still in theatres.

That explains why it didn't do as well as expected. In fact, it was reported that the film was streamed by more than 700,000 households on HBO Max in its first 3 days of release on the platform.

That is potentially millions in lost box office revenue.

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