Where To Stream Simulant? Watch on Netflix or Amazon?

Where To Stream Simulant? Watch on Netflix or Amazon?

Where can I stream Simulant? That's the question you want answered and we are here to help!

Simulant is a sci-fi thriller directed by April Mullen. Starring Robbie Amell (Upload), Jordana Brewster, Simu Liu, Sam Worthington and Alicia Sanz, it was released in April 2023.

The film follows the story of a woman named Faye (Jordana Brewster) who tries to replace her newly deceased husband, Evan (Robbie Amell), with a humanoid simulator.

The humanoid has to enlist a global hacker in order to remove all restrictions on his thoughts and capabilities, triggering an A.I. uprising and a government manhunt to eliminate the rise of the machine consciousness​.

Kessler (Sam Worthington) is a government agent hunting the Simulants, while Esme (Alicia Sanz) is a Simulant who manages to disobey and even physically wound him, leading to a broader investigation into the behaviour of Simulants​.

Where to Stream Simulant

Before we delve into your streaming options for Simulant, I should point out, that at the time of writing this piece, the movie is still widely available in the cinema.

As such, even though you can stream it, you will have to either rent it or buy it. As soon as that changes, which it will do in the next couple of months, we will let you know!

UNITED STATES: American viewers can RENT Simulant on Apple TV+, Amazon and Google Play.

UNITED KINGDOM: In the UK, this sci-fi hit film is available to stream on Sky Cinema.

AUSTRALIA: Unfortunately Simulant is not available to stream as part of any streaming service subscription in Australia.

CANADA: For our Canadian friends, you can RENT the movie on Cineplex Store, Apple TV and Google Play.

POLAND: Unfortunately Simulant is not available to stream as part of any streaming service subscription in Poland.

CZECH REPUBLIC: For now there are no options to stream Simulant in the Czech Republic.

IRELAND: In Ireland, Robbie Amell fans can watch Simulant on Sky Cinema.

BRAZIL: Brazilian audiences are in luck and can stream Simulant on HBO Max.

SCANDINAVIA: Currently there are no options to stream the movie in either Sweden, Denmark, Finland or Norway.

Is Simulant Worth Watching?

In terms of critical reception, the film has received mixed reviews. On Rotten Tomatoes, it is considered a bit of a flop​, while on IMDb, the film has a rating of 5.1 out of 10 based on approximately 2.3K reviews​.

According to a review on Roger Ebert's website, the film explores themes of mortality and the loss of life, artificial or otherwise. However, the review also criticises the film for its lack of originality, describing it as a “cheap Blade Runner and I, Robot rip-off.

However, like most critic reviews, that doesn't necessarily mean that you won't like it. In fact, quite a lot of the time, if the critics hate it, then the audience will love it!

It may have a lot in common with Blade Runner but it's not as intense, has a decent central mystery and while it may not win any awards, it's still entertaining.

The Cast

Robbie Amell as Evan, a simulant created to replace Fay's dead husband

Jordana Brewster as Faye, a widow who creates a substitute for her deceased husband

Simu Liu as Casey, a hacker who give simulants real feelings

Sam Worthington as Kessler, who must track down and stop the simulants from evolving

Alicia Sanz as Esmé

Mayko Nguyen as Michiko Higashi

Masa Lizdek as Lisa

Christine L. Nguyen as Ying Hong

Emmanuel Kabongo as Joshua

Samantha Helt as Morgan

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