Where to Watch Blue’s Clues – Is it on Netflix or Paramount?

Where to watch Blue's Clues

Curious about where to watch Blue's Clues? You're in luck! The iconic paw prints returned to the screen with a 2019 revival.

This reboot blends the nostalgia of the original series with new elements for today's audience. The classic show that captivated young minds is back, updated, and as engaging as ever.

Blue's Clues first aired in 1996. It was a hit. Simple but engaging, it captured young hearts worldwide. Solving puzzles with Blue and Steve was the highlight of many mornings.

After years off the air, it's back! The revival, titled Blue's Clues & You!, keeps the spirit alive.

Hosted by Josh Dela Cruz, Steve's cousin, the new series takes a modern twist on the classic format.

It incorporates updated animation and new interactive elements but still maintains the charm that made it a beloved classic.

Where to Stream Blue's Clues?

Depending on your location, Blue's Clues is accessible through a variety of streaming platforms. Let's explore where you can tune into this childhood classic in different countries.

If you're in the United States, you have multiple options for streaming Blue's Clues. Paramount+ offers the series as part of their subscription package, and DIRECTV also provides access to the episodes. For those who prefer owning the content, the series is available for purchase on platforms like AppleTV and Google Play.

In the UK, your streaming choices for Blue's Clues vary by season. Netflix offers one season, while Paramount+ has four seasons available. Amazon Prime Video provides access to two seasons.

In Poland, streaming options for Blue's Clues are a bit more limited but still available. Netflix carries one season, while SkyGo offers three seasons.

For fans in Hungary, SkyGo stands as the exclusive platform for streaming Blue's Clues. All available seasons can be found there.

Kids in France looking to stream Blue's Clues, can find the series on both Canal+ and Netflix. Notably, Netflix features one season.

Ciao, Italy! Ready for some “paw-some” adventures with Blue? Sky and Paramount+ are your go-to platforms to join Blue and Josh for a playful romp through clues and puzzles. Buon divertimento!

In Spain, Blue's Clues is readily available for fans. You can stream episodes on Netflix, Sky, and Fubo.

G'day, Australia! Looking to swap out the surfboard for some sleuthing with Blue? In the land Down Under, you can catch the episodes on Paramount+, Foxtel Now, and TENPLAY.

Whether you're in Sydney or the Outback, Blue's paw prints are never far away. Fair dinkum fun for the whole family!

Blue's Big City Adventure Movie

Ever wondered what it's like for Blue to swap her cozy home for the Big Apple? Now's your chance! Blue's Big City Adventure, the 2022 live-action/animated musical comedy, takes you on a whimsical ride.

This film has got it all — from the lights of Broadway to the charm of New York City.

A Broadway Dream

Directed by Matt Stawski, the movie brings your beloved characters to life. Blue's voice is by Traci Paige Johnson. Josh Dela Cruz, Donovan Patton, and Steve Burns also star.

The premise? Josh and Blue head to New York City. They aim to audition for a Broadway musical. What could go wrong?

Oh No, the Handy-Dandy Notebook!

Well, quite a bit. Josh forgets his Handy-Dandy Notebook. They get lost. Now, it's up to Mr. Salt, Tickety Tock, and Slippery Soap to find them.

They aren't alone; they've got the help of Steve and Joe, Blue's previous human pals. A rescue mission ensues.

How to Watch

The movie premiered on Paramount+ on November 18, 2022. Yes, you can still watch it there!

Extra Fun Stuff

The trailer? First shown by Josh Dela Cruz at PaleyWKND on October 1, 2022. It hit the internet on October 3.

In a unique promo, the Atlanta Gladiators wore Blue's Clues jerseys in a match. How cool is that?

Critics Love It

The critics agree; it's a hit. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film boasts an 83% approval rating.

Marco Vito Oddo of Collider praises it for being “enjoyable for adults,” lauding its musical numbers and exploration of NYC street art.

Calum Marsh of The New York Times commends Dela Cruz’s performance as “unbridled charisma.”


Blue's Big City Adventure takes the familiar and makes it dazzlingly new. If you've been missing your old friends, or want your kids to meet new ones, this movie is the ticket.

It's a jaunt through New York City with familiar faces, fun twists, and a heartwarming story. What more could you ask for?

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