Where To Watch Bring It On – Is It On Netflix or Amazon?

Where To Watch Bring It On – Is It On Netflix or Amazon?

Over 20 years ago, a teen cheerleading comedy became an instant box office hit. It was, of course, Bring It On, and in the years since, it has become a cult classic.

Made for just $11 million dollars, it raked in over $90 million and made stars out of its leading cast, including Kirsten Dunst, Gabrielle Union and Eliza Dushku.

The first in the franchise, Bring It On spawned six direct-to-video sequels, none of which contain any of the original cast members.

What Is Bring It On About?

The plot of Bring It On centres around a high school cheerleading team's preparation for a national competition.

Cheerleader Torrance Shipman (Dunst) is a senior at Rancho Carne High School, and her cheerleading squad, the Toros, is aiming for its sixth consecutive national title.

Elected the new team captain, Torrance must replace an injured member and picks Missy Pantone (Dushku), a gymnast who transferred from Los Angeles.

After much debate about the routines being used, Missy takes Torrance to L.A. to watch the East Compton Clovers, who perform an identical routine. Isis (Union), the Clovers captain, confronts the two and reveals that the previous captain stole their routines for the Toros.

The Clovers vow to beat the Toros in the national competition to prove they are better cheerleaders.

So who comes out on top of the pyramid? Find out when you watch Bring It On

Where To Stream Bring It On

It doesn't matter which country you live in, Bring It On has very limited availability on the biggest channels.

United States: Unfortunately, you cannot watch Bring it On for free on any streaming platform in the US.

There are rental options available on Apple TV+, Amazon, Direct TV and Google Play.

United Kingdom: If you live in the UK, you are out of luck with no options to stream Bring It On. You cannot even rent it – sorry!

Canada: Canadians are also out of luck when it comes to streaming Bring It On. It is not available for free, but you can rent or buy it on Amazon Video.

Australia: Fans of Bring It On in Australia will have to wait as the movie is not available for free, to rent or to buy on any streaming service.

Spain: Bring It On is not available for free as part of a streaming subscription in Spain.

Instead, you will have to rent it on streaming platforms such as Rakuten, Google Play and Amazon.

Argentina: Bring It On is available in a few different places, including Amazon Prime Video, Paramount+, MoviStar and Claro Video.

Japan: In Japan you can only rent or buy Bring It On on one platform, and that is Amazon Prime Video.

Sweden: If you're in Sweden and have Viaplay or C More then you can watch Bring It On as part of your account.

How Old Were The Cast Making Bring It On?

When Bring It On was filmed, it was about High School Seniors who are typically 17 or 18 years old.

At the time Kirsten Dunst was actually 18 years old, making her the perfect age for the role.

Eliza Dushku was 19 years old and Gabrielle Union was one of the oldest cast members playing Isis when she was 28 years old.

Why Can't I Stream Bring It On?

Most movies, no matter how old they are, are largely available somewhere on some streaming platform.

It is very unusual to stumble across one that isn't even available to rent on Amazon or Apple TV+.

So why is Bring It On so hard to find online?

A lot of it comes down to who has the rights to the film and which countries are included. For example, a movie or show may not have a home video license that covers streaming.

The other problem is that streaming movies is not cheap. The likes of Netflix and Amazon lease the rights for a certain amount of time and then they decide to either renew or bin it.

Pumping so much money into original content means that the likes of Bring It On is simply not worth the money, as not enough people will watch them.

The Bring It On Movies Order

There are six movies in the Bring It On series and they are as follows:

  • Bring It On (2000)
  • Bring It On Again (2004)
  • Bring It On: All or Nothing (2006)
  • Bring It On: In It to Win It (2007)
  • Bring It On: Fight to the Finish (2009)
  • Bring It On: Worldwide Cheersmack (2017)
  • Bring It On: Cheer or Die (2022)

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