Where to Watch Cloverfield: On Netflix or Paramount?

Where to watch Cloverfield

Are you a fan of thrilling monster movies and eager to watch Cloverfield (2008), but you're not sure where to find it? Look no further!

In this blog post, we will guide you through the options available for streaming this captivating film. So, buckle up and let's dive into the world of Cloverfield!

What's Cloverfield About?

Cloverfield presents a unique perspective on the classic monster genre, employing a handheld camera style to give viewers an immersive experience.

The film follows a group of friends in New York City as they try to survive a catastrophic attack by an enormous creature of unknown origin.

The found-footage style adds a sense of realism and intensity, making it a heart-pounding and suspenseful journey from start to finish.

Where To Stream The Film?

If you're wondering where to watch Cloverfield (2008), you'll be pleased to know it's available on various streaming platforms. Here are some of the top platforms where you can find this gripping monster movie:

UNITED STATES: If you're a fan of Cloverfield in America, you can watch it on PARAMOUNT, APPLE TV, HOOPLA with a subscription. Additionally, you can watch Cloverfield for free on the ad-supported platform PLUTO TV. It's available to rent or purchase on CHILLI, RAKUTEN, GOOGLE and APPLE TV.

AUSTRALIA: Aussie viewers can watch Cloverfield on STAN with a subscription. It is also available to rent or purchase from GOOGLE and APPLE TV.

CANADA: If you're in Canada, the movie can stream on HOOPLA with a subscription. It's also available to rent or purchase on CHILLI, RAKUTEN, GOOGLE and APPLE TV.

FRANCE: French viewers can watch Cloverfield on CANAL+ and PARAMOUNT with a subscription. It is also available for rent or purchase on CANAL+ VOD, ORANGE, BBOX VOD and APPLE TV.

GERMANY: German viewers can access the movie through PARAMOUNT with a subscription. You can also rent or buy it from AMAZON, SKY STORE and APPLE TV.

DENMARK: Danish fans of Cloverfield can watch it on VIAPLAY and SKYSHOW with a subscription. It is also available to rent from APPLE TV.

POLAND: Polish viewers can watch Cloverfield on HORIZON and SKYSHOW with a subscription. Purchase and rental options are available from the usual platforms.

HUNGARY: The movie can be streamed on SKYSHOW with a subscription. You can also rent or buy it from AMAZON, GOOGLE and APPLE TV.

BRAZIL: Brazilian viewers can watch Cloverfield on NOWONLINE. It is also available to rent or purchase from MICROSOFT and CLARO.

So, wherever you may be in the world, there's sure to be an option for streaming this thrilling monster movie! So what are you waiting for?

Is the Cloverfield Series Worth Watching?

With the success of the original Cloverfield, a series of films emerged within the same universe. The question arises: is the Cloverfield series worth your time?

Absolutely! Each installment offers a fresh take on the overarching story, introducing new characters and exploring different perspectives on the monster-infested world.

From the claustrophobic atmosphere of 10 Cloverfield Lane to the mind-bending Cloverfield Paradox, the series brings a diverse range of narratives that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


Q1: Can I watch Cloverfield without watching the other movies in the franchise?

Yes! While the Cloverfield franchise offers a connected universe, each film stands on its own and can be enjoyed independently.

However, watching the other movies will enhance your understanding of the world and provide additional context.

Q2: Are the Cloverfield movies suitable for all ages?

The Cloverfield movies are generally targeted at mature audiences due to their intense and suspenseful nature. They may contain elements of violence and horror, so parental discretion is advised.

Q3: What makes Cloverfield different from other monster movies?

Cloverfield stands out from other monster movies due to its innovative found-footage style. The use of handheld cameras gives the film a raw and authentic feel, immersing viewers in the chaotic events as if they were experiencing them firsthand.

This unique approach adds a layer of realism and intensity, setting it apart from traditional monster flicks.

Q4: Are there any connections or Easter eggs between the Cloverfield movies?

Yes, the Cloverfield movies are interconnected, and there are subtle connections and Easter eggs that link them together.

Paying attention to details and references throughout the series will reveal hidden connections and enrich your viewing experience.

Q5: Will there be more movies in the Cloverfield franchise?

While there haven't been any recent announcements regarding new films in the Cloverfield franchise, the success and popularity of the existing movies make the possibility of future instalments exciting.

Fans eagerly anticipate any updates and potential expansions of this captivating universe.

Easter Eggs and Connections Between the Cloverfield Films

The Cloverfield franchise is known for its intriguing connections and hidden Easter eggs that connect the movies within the shared universe.

Let's dive into some of these fascinating details that will enhance your viewing experience and unravel the interconnected nature of the Cloverfield films.

Tagruato Corporation:

One recurring element throughout the franchise is the presence of the Tagruato Corporation.

This fictional company appears in various films, and its logo can be spotted in different forms, such as merchandise, news broadcasts, and even on a building in Cloverfield (2008).

Pay close attention to Tagruato references, which provide valuable links between the movies.


Slusho! is a popular fictional beverage brand that appears in several Cloverfield films.

This sugary drink serves as a subtle tie between the movies, with characters often seen enjoying Slusho! or references to the brand being mentioned.

Keep an eye out for Slusho! cups or advertisements, as they may hold clues or connections within the franchise.

Connections in Dialogue:

The films often feature dialogue that alludes to events in other movies within the series.

Characters may mention incidents, locations, or people connected to the Cloverfield universe. These references not only deepen the lore but also establish a cohesive narrative that intertwines the films.

10 Cloverfield Lane:

The second film in the franchise, 10 Cloverfield Lane, provides intriguing connections to the original film.

While the events and characters may seem separate initially, attentive viewers will notice subtle hints that bridge the two stories together, creating a sense of shared continuity and building the foundation for the broader Cloverfield universe.

The Cloverfield Paradox:

The third film in the series, The Cloverfield Paradox, explores the science fiction aspect of the franchise while establishing connections to the previous films.

This instalment delves into the origins of the monster attacks and the consequences of scientific experiments. Through its narrative, The Cloverfield Paradox sheds light on the events that set the stage for the subsequent films.

Alternate Realities and Timelines:

The franchise introduces the concept of alternate realities and timelines, allowing the films to explore different perspectives and outcomes within the shared universe.

This adds depth to the storytelling and intrigues audiences, as each film presents a unique take on the Cloverfield mythology.

As you delve into the Cloverfield films, keep a keen eye out for these Easter eggs and connections that interweave the stories.

The subtle references, recurring themes, and shared elements all contribute to the rich and immersive experience of the franchise, expanding the lore and leaving room for speculation and interpretation.

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