Where To Watch In The Heights – Stream on Netflix or HBO Max?

Where To Watch In The Heights – Stream on Netflix or HBO Max?

In The Heights had a long and bumpy road before it finally made it to the big screen in 2021.

Written by Lin Manuel Miranda, and following a 2007 Off-Broadway run, In The Heights opened on Broadway in March 2008.

It was then that Universal Pictures decided to adapt it into a movie, but that fell through. So it sat on the shelves for another eight years before it was picked up again.

Two years later and it was cast, with filming taking place in the Summer of 2019. Then it was supposed to have a cinema release in 2020 but was held back until theatres fully reopened in 2021.

So now the big question is, where can you watch In The Heights? Is it on Netflix? Let's find out!

Is In The Heights On Netflix?

We've got good and bad news for you here. The bad news is that, at the time of writing, In The Heights isn't available to stream on Netflix in the United States or United Kingdom.

Instead, you have to watch it on HBO Max in the US or it's counterpart, Sky Cinema, in the UK.

That said, if you live in Australia, India or Japan you can still watch it on Netflix.

Below we'll list the other countries and territories where you can watch In The Heights and the streaming service you can use.

In Canada, In The Heights is available to watch on Crave. You cannot rent it but you can buy it on Apple TV+, Amazon or Google Play.

Viewers in Ireland, are out of luck. You cannot watch In The Heights on any streaming platform for free. However, you can buy it on Apple TV+ or the SKy Store.

In Brazil and Argentina, you can watch In The Heights on HBO Max.

In Germany, subscribers to WOW or Sky Go can watch the movie for free.

Swedish viewers can stream the movie on HBO Max or rent it on ViaPlay, Apple TV+ or Rakuten.

So if you're after some musical drama, grab your popcorn and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!

What's Is In The Heights About?

From the man who brought you Hamilton, comes In The Heights, a musical story about striving for a better life.

It centres around a variety of characters living in the neighbourhood of Washington Heights, in Manhattan.

One of the main characters is Usnavi, a bodega owner who looks after the aging Cuban lady next door, pines for the girl working in the local beauty salon and who dreams of winning the lottery so he can go back to his home in the Dominican Republic.

In The Heights is a tale about building a better future and what it means to be home. Full of big characters, great songs and a lot of hope, it is about discovering where you belong and loving life.

Where Was In The Heights Filmed?

In The Heights is set in New York City and that is also were the entire movie was filmed.

Locations include Washington Heights, Glen Cove, The Bronx, and Highbridge Pool Park in Manhattan.

The bulk of filming was done at the intersection of 175th Street and Audubon Avenue, where STO Domingo Grocery Inc. was used as the exterior of the bodega.

The tunnel sequence at the end of the song was shot in the pedestrian tunnel at the 191st Street station.

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