Where to Watch Licorice Pizza – Is It On Netflix Or Amazon?

Where to Watch Licorice Pizza – Is It On Netflix Or Amazon?

Licorice Pizza created quite the buzz when it was released in 2021. The American comedy-drama was written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson (Boogie Nights, There Will Be Blood) and stars Alana Haim and Cooper Hoffman in their film debuts.

Set in 1973, 15-year-old actor Gary Valentine meets Alana Kane, a 25-year-old photography assistant, at his school picture day. They start a friendship, and when Gary's mother cannot go with him on a press tour performance in New York, he invites Alana.

It's the beginning of an unusual relationship in a movie packed with crazy antics, waterbeds, talent agents, stroppy actors, politics, the oil crisis – you name it, it's pretty much in Licorice Pizza. That and many famous faces, including Bradley Cooper (Limitless) and Sean Penn.

The movie is loved by critics who gave it a 91% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but the audience score is a bit lower at 65%. That may also be why it flopped at the box office, making just $33m despite a $40m budget. Ouch.

That said, the movie definitely has a lot of fans, so if you want to get lost in the lives of Gary and Alana in 1973, you will want to know where to watch Licorice Pizza.

Licorice Pizza Official Trailer

Where To Watch Licorice Pizza

Have you been dying to watch Licorice Pizza but just haven't had the chance yet? Well, the wait is over!

Licorice Pizza can be streamed on several popular platforms. Here's where you can watch the movie in various locations:

In the United Kingdom and Ireland, Licorice Pizza is available as part of your Amazon Prime subscription. So if you have a Prime account you can watch it for free. You also have the option of renting it if you are not a Prime customer.

America: Licorice Pizza is available on so many streaming platforms. If you have a subscription to Amazon Prime, Paramount+ or Epix, you can watch it without any extra charge.

Alternatively you can rent it on Apple TV+, Google Play or YouTube.

Viewers in Canada may not has many options as other countries but you can stream Licorice Pizza on Amazon Prime if you have a subscription.

Your renting options include paying for the movie on Apple TV+, the Cineplex app or Microsoft.

Australia: Licorice Pizza is not streaming on Netflix, but you can watch it on your Amazon Prime account.

If you don't have a subscription you can rent it on Telstra TV, Google Play or Apple TV+

Argentina: This is where you have a couple of options. The first is on Amazon Prime and the second is if you subscribe to Movistar TV.

You can also rent it on Google Play or buy it on Apple TV+

France: Surprisingly you cannot watch Licorice Pizza for free on Amazon Prime in France but you can watch it on Canal+ instead.

Otherwise you can rent it on Rakuten TV, Apple TV+, Google Play or Amazon.

Why Is It Called Licorice Pizza?

The title of the movie was inspired by the Licorice Pizza record store chain in Los Angeles.

The term is an expression for vinyl records because they are shiny and black like licorice, and they are shaped like a small pizza.

Who Is Jack Holden In Licorice Pizza?

In the movie Jack Holden is a veteran actor played by Sean Penn. He is based on the real life actor William Holden who was one of America's biggest box office stars in the 1950s.

In Licorice Pizza Alana meets Jack Holden when she gets to audition for a movie he's in. He then brings her to a restaurant, where she gets drunk and tries to make Gary jealous.

What Is Licorice Pizza About?

Licorice Pizza is a story about two unlikely friends, Alana Kane and Gary Valentine, who through a whole range of events in both their lives, always seem to come back to each other.

It is about growing up, running around and falling in love in the San Fernando Valley in 1973.

Who Is In Licorice Pizza?

Alana Haim as Alana Kane, a photographer's assistant

Cooper Hoffman as Gary Valentine, a high school sophomore who falls in love with Alana.

Sean Penn as Jack Holden, an actor

Tom Waits as film director Rex Blau

Bradley Cooper as Jon Peters, a film producer

Benny Safdie as Joel Wachs, a politician running for mayor of Los Angeles

Skyler Gisondo as Lance Brannigan, an actor and love-interest of Alana

Mary Elizabeth Ellis as Momma Anita, Gary's mother.

John Michael Higgins as Jerry Frick, a businessman who opened the Mikado Hotel and restaurant in 1963.

Christine Ebersole as Lucy Doolittle, an actress based on Lucille Ball

Harriet Sansom Harris as Mary Grady, Valentine's agent.

Maya Rudolph as Gale, Vic's assistant

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