Where To Watch Mean Girls – Is It On Netflix or Disney?

Where To Watch Mean Girls – Is It On Netflix or Disney?

In 2004 an American teen comedy took the world by storm. I am, of course, talking about Mean Girls, that icon movie that propelled its cast into stardom.

Written by Tina Fey and starring Lindsay Lohan, Lacey Chabert, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried and Lizzy Caplan, Mean Girls is loosely based on Rosalind Wiseman's 2002 book, Queen Bees and Wannabes.

Costing only $17 million to make, the film generated over $130 million worldwide and even spawned it's own broadway musical which debuted in 2018.

What Is Mean Girls About?

Cady Heron (Lohan) is a fish out of water. Having been homeschooled by her parents in Africa, she gets her first taste of high school when attends North Shore High School.

Her new friends warn her to stay away from the Plastics, the A-list, popular and beautiful clique headed by Regina George (McAdams) with Karen (Seyfried) and Gretchen (Chabert).

But when Cady falls for Aaron Samuels (Regina's ex-boyfriend), she brings on the wrath of Regina, who decides to take revenge.

Not to be beaten so easily, Cady, Janis, and Damian plot to bring Regina down. However, the more time Cady spends with the Plastics, the more she starts to become one of them.

What happens? Find out when you watch Mean Girls

Where To Stream Mean Girls

It doesn't matter which country you live in, Mean Girls is available on a number of streaming platforms.

United States: There are two streaming options to watch Mean Girls in the US.

They are Paramount+ and Pluto TV (with ads). If you do not subscribe to either of those platforms, you can rent the film on Apple TV+, Amazon, Direct TV or Google Play.

United Kingdom: If you live in the UK you have two options to watch Mean Girls. That is on either Paramount + or SKY.

Like the US, Mean Girls is available to rent in the UK with options including Amazon, Apple TV+, or Chili.

Canada: Canadians have a few options for Mean Girls which is available to stream on Paramount+, Crave or Starz.

If you don't subscribe to any of them, you can rent it on Cineplex, Apple TV+ and Amazon.

Australia: A few streaming options for Australians who want to watch Mean Girls. Amazon Prime, STAN and Foxtel Now include it in their subscriptions.

If you don't use those apps, then you can rent it on Fetch, Telstra, Amazon and Apple TV+.

France: Mean Girls is only available on Amazon Prime Video in France. You can also rent it from Orange, YouTube, Apple TV+ and Canal VOD.

Brazil: Meninas Malvadas is available on Amazon Prime Video, Globo Play and Now Online in Brazil. You can watch it for free if you subscribe to those streaming platforms.

Ireland: In Ireland you can watch the film on Paramount+ or Sky Cinema only. Otherwise, you have to rent it on Apple TV+, Rakuten or the Sky Store.

Sweden: If you're in Sweden and have Amazon Prime Video or Viaplay, then you can watch Mean Girls as part of your account.

How Old Was The Cast Making Mean Girls?

These days it's fairly common to see much older actors play the roles of high school teens. But was it much different in 2004?

In Mean Girls, all of the characters are around 16 years old. Lindsay Lohan was 18 years old when she was cast as Cady Heron.

Rachel McAdams was much older when she took on the role of Regina George. She was actually 26 years old when the movie was released.

Lacey Chabert was 22 years old playing Grethen Wieners, and Amanda Seyfriend was 18 years old playing ditzy Karen Smith. That was also her film debut.

Why Is Mean Girls Not On Netflix?

Over time movies come and go from Netflix and at some point Mean Girls was on Netflix.

However, it was made by Paramount Pictures in 2004, and they still own the rights to it. So when Paramount+ was launched, the movie automatically started streaming on that platform.

If you can't stream it for free in your country, try our list of movies like Mean Girls to keep you entertained instead.

Mean Girls Cast Members – Who Plays Who

Lindsay Lohan as Cady Heron, a 16-year-old girl who transfers to a public high school after being homeschooled her whole life in Africa

Rachel McAdams as Regina George, a rich, popular mean girl and leader of The Plastics

Lacey Chabert as Gretchen Wieners, an insecure rich girl and a member of the Plastics

Amanda Seyfried as Karen Smith, a ditsy but sweet member of the Plastics

Lizzy Caplan as Janis Ian, a rebellious goth who befriends Cady and hatches a plan to take down Regina

Daniel Franzese as Damian Leigh, Janis' gay best friend

Jonathan Bennett as Aaron Samuels, Regina's ex-boyfriend, and Cady's love interest

Rajiv Surendra as Kevin Gnapoor, who is attracted to Janis

Tina Fey as Ms. Sharon Norbury, the school Math teacher

Amy Poehler as June George, Regina's mother

Ana Gasteyer as Betsy Heron, Cady's mother

Neil Flynn as Chip Heron, Cady's father

Daniel DeSanto as Jason, Gretchen's unfaithful boyfriend

Diego Klattenhoff as Shane Oman, who has an on-and-off relationship with Regina

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