Where To Watch No Hard Feelings – Is It On Netflix Or Apple TV+?

Where To Watch No Hard Feelings – Is It On Netflix Or Apple TV+?

In the uproarious 2023 comedy No Hard Feelings, Jennifer Lawrence (Hunger Games) takes on a radically different role than audiences are used to.

Directed by Gene Stupnitsky and co-written with John Phillips, the film presents Lawrence as Maddie Barker, a 32-year-old Uber driver navigating the financial and emotional potholes of life in Montauk, New York.

The movie returned decent box office receipts. On a budget of $45 million, it earned just shy of $87 million, making it an all round winner.

So if you missed it in the cinema or you just want to see it again, where can you watch No Hard Feelings today?

Where To Watch No Hard Feelings?

Given that the movie was only released on June 15th 2023, it's still a bit too soon for it to be included with any streaming subscription.

Of course this will change in time but for now, you're only option is to RENT or PURCHASE No hard Feelings.

You can do this on Amazon Prime Video or Apple TV+ in most countries. It will set you back around £4.99/$5.99 to rent or £14/$15 to purchase it.

As soon as it becomes available for free as part of a streaming service, we will let you know!

What Is No Hard Feelings About?

Maddie Barker is a 32-year-old Uber driver who lives in Montauk, New York. In dire financial straits, she is danger of losing her mother's house due to the unpaid property taxes.

So she answers an unusual Craigslist advert. The job is from two concerned parents (Laura Benanti and Matthew Broderick) who believe that their very shy son, Percy (Andrew Barth Feldman), isn't adequately prepared for college.

So they're looking for a young woman to ‘date' him and bring him out of his shell. From a rollercoaster of awkward dates and misunderstandings to moments of genuine connection between Maddie and Percy, their relationship evolves into a friendship.

But nothing is ever that straightforward and when Percy confesses his love, Maddie has some big decisions to make.

Where Was No Hard Feelings Filmed?

Filming on No Hard Feelings began in late September 2022 in various Nassau County locations in New York.

Locations included as Hempstead, Point Lookout, Lawrence, and Uniondale. Ted's Fishing Station located in Point Lookout was made to look like “Montauk Dock East”.

Scenes were also filmed at the North Shore Animal League America in Port Washington.

Why Is No Hard Feelings Rated R?

There are a few reasons why No Hard Feelings has been rated R.

First of all, the film falls under the category of a ‘sex comedy', which inherently implies mature themes and sexual content.

Scenes like skinny dipping, awkward sexual encounters, and Maddie fighting nude on the beach would likely warrant a restricted rating.

Additionally, the film includes strong language, adult humour, and some drug-related content, given that a dog addicted to cocaine is part of the storyline.

These elements collectively contribute to the film's adult-oriented nature, making it appropriate for viewers aged 17 and older, which aligns with the guidelines for an R rating in the United States.

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