Where to Watch Pingu – How to Stream the Penguin Series

Where to watch Pingu

Ah, Pingu. It is a classic that has stood the test of time.

Do you remember the first time you encountered this adorable penguin waddling across your screen? Captivated by the simple yet expressive claymation?

This Swiss-British stop-motion clay animated series, co-created by Otmar Gutmann and Erika Brueggemann, originally aired in Switzerland and later found its way to the United Kingdom, Japan, and beyond.

With a BAFTA nomination and a global fan base, it's a show that transcends age barriers, languages, and even decades. But the question remains: where can you watch Pingu?

A Brief History of Pingu

Pingu first aired on March 7, 1990, and was produced by Swiss company The Pygos Group.

It was later revived from 2003 to 2006 by British companies HIT Entertainment and HOT Animation.

The show focuses on a family of anthropomorphic emperor penguins living in the South Pole.

Pingu, the family's son, is our main character. The series has a rich history, including a Japanese revival called Pingu in the City. It even received a BAFTA nomination in 2005.

What Makes Pingu Unique?

The show is unique. Why? It uses a made-up penguin language called “Penguinese.” It's a series of honks and squawks. Yet, it's universally understood.

The characters were initially voiced by Italian actor Carlo Bonomi, who used a language of noises. This feature allows people from diverse linguistic backgrounds to follow the story.

Pingu became especially popular in Japan, inspiring merchandise and video games.

Where to Watch Pingu: A Global Guide

So you're hooked on Pingu, or perhaps you're introducing the next generation to this charming penguin. Either way, you're probably wondering where you can stream this classic.

The good news is that Pingu has waddled his way into various streaming platforms across the globe.

Here's a comprehensive guide to help you find where you can catch Pingu's latest antics based on your location:

United States
In America, fans of the little penguin can stream 6 seasons of his adventures on Amazon Prime Video and three seasons on Hopster.

United Kingdom
UK viewers can relive Pingu's escapades on Amazon Prime Video. You can also buy episodes from Amazon and Google Play.

In Japan, Pingu holds a special place. The series, including the Japanese revival Pingu in the City, is available on the U-Next streaming service.

Canadian enthusiasts can catch Pingu on Amazon Prime.

Down under, Pingu is accessible via the Stan platform. Apple is another option for Aussie fans (charges apply).

German fans are frozen out. No stream currently features the series.

South Africa
In South Africa, if you want to watch Pingu it is available on Amazon Prime.

In Poland, Pingu is unavailable on any streaming services.

Pingu is available on Apple TV+ in France, but you must pay for the episodes.

Why Should You Watch Pingu?

Nostalgia is one reason. It's a trip down memory lane. But it's not just for kids. Adults love it too.

The show's simplicity is its strength. No complicated plots. No dialogue to follow. Just pure, unadulterated fun.

It's a great way to unwind after a long day or to introduce your kids to quality programming that doesn't rely on flashy graphics or loud noises.

What Language Does Pingu Speak?

The question that has puzzled fans for years is: what language does Pingu speak?

You're not alone if you've ever found yourself mimicking Pingu's adorable honks and squawks.

The language is as captivating as the show itself, and it's called “Penguinese.” Yes, you read that right! Penguinese is the official lingo of our favourite Antarctic resident.

A Universal Tongue

What's fascinating about Penguinese is that it's universally understood.

No need for subtitles or dubbing. It's a series of honks, squawks, and the occasional “Noot noot!” that somehow conveys emotion, intent, and even humor.

It's like the Esperanto of the animal kingdom, but way cuter!

The Man Behind the Honks

In the original series, Italian voice actor Carlo Bonomi was the maestro of Penguinese. He used a language of noises he had already developed for another show.

It's a testament to his skill that he could make us understand, laugh, and even be sad with just a series of sounds.

Noot Noot!

The most iconic phrase in Penguinese has to be “Noot noot!” It's Pingu's signature line, and it's as recognisable as the penguin himself.

Whether he's excited, surprised, or just saying hello, “Noot noot!” is the go-to expression.

And let's be honest, haven't we all tried to perfect our “Noot noot!” at some point?

Penguinese 101

Want to speak Penguinese? It's easy! Just let go of your inhibitions and start honking. There are no grammar rules, syntax, or vocabulary tests.

It's the one language where you can't make a mistake. So go ahead, try a squawk or two.

Who knows, you might just find it's the perfect way to express yourself when words fail.

So the next time you watch Pingu and find yourself entranced by the dialogue, remember that you're not just listening to random noises.

You're hearing a language that has charmed audiences worldwide.

Shows Like Pingu: More Penguins and Claymation

If you're a fan of Pingu and are looking for similar shows that capture the same whimsy, charm, and yes, penguins, then you're in luck!

Here's a list of shows that will keep you entertained and maybe even teach you a few more words in “Penguinese” or its equivalent!

1. Wallace and Gromit

This British claymation series features the adventures of an eccentric inventor and his silent yet expressive dog. While it doesn't have penguins, it does have a similar stop-motion charm.

2. Shaun the Sheep

Another British stop-motion series, this one focuses on the antics of Shaun, a clever sheep who lives on a farm. It's light on dialogue but heavy on humour, much like Pingu.

3. Pororo the Little Penguin

Here's your penguin fix! This South Korean CGI-animated series features Pororo, a little penguin who dreams of flying. The show is filled with cute characters and moral lessons.

4. Tumble Leaf

This American stop-motion series is aimed at preschoolers and focuses on the adventures of Fig, a blue fox. Like Pingu, it's visually stunning and light on dialogue.

5. The Penguins of Madagascar

Spun off from the Madagascar films, this series follows the adventures of four penguins: Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private. It's a CGI-animated comedy with plenty of action.

6. Happy Feet

While not a series, this animated film about a tap-dancing penguin named Mumble is too charming to leave off the list. If you loved Pingu, you'll likely enjoy Happy Feet.

7. Timmy Time

A spin-off of Shaun the Sheep, this series is aimed at younger viewers. It features Timmy, a little lamb who's learning to share, make friends, and identify shapes and colors.

8. Mofy

This Japanese stop-motion series features a cotton ball-like bunny named Mofy. The series is as adorable as it sounds and shares Pingu's focus on friendship and kindness.

So there you have it! Whether you're in it for the penguins, the stop-motion, or the heartwarming stories, there's something on this list for every Pingu fan. Happy watching!

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