Where to Watch Santiago of the Seas – Paramount or Netflix?

Where to watch Santiago of the Seas

Are you looking for a swashbuckling adventure with the animated series Santiago of the Seas?

With its engaging storylines, lovable characters, and vibrant animation, Santiago of the Seas is a perfect show for kids aged 4-8.

Is Santiago of the Seas Worth Watching?

Santiago of the Seas follows the adventures of Santiago, an 8-year-old pirate, and his friends, Tomás and Lorelai, as they sail the high seas in search of treasure while protecting their home, Isla Encanto.

This charming and educational series is perfect for young viewers, offering lessons on problem-solving, teamwork, and friendship.

The show is notable for its infusion of Spanish language and Latino-Caribbean culture and curriculum.

Let's dive into where you can stream this delightful show!

You'll be glad to hear that the series is available on Netflix and Paramount Plus in most places.

Where to Stream Santiago of the Seas

Wondering where to find Santiago of the Seas on various online platforms? We've got you covered:

UNITED STATES: Fans can catch Santiago of the Seas on NETFLIX and PARAMOUNT platforms with an active subscription. For those who do not have either platform, you can stream it on popular VOD services such as AppleTV or GOOGLE PLAY.

UNITED KINGDOM: If you hope to stream Santiago of the Seas in Great Britain, you're in luck because it's on NETFLIX, AMAZON PRIME, MY5 (FREE) and PARAMOUNT.

AUSTRALIA: Streamers can watch the series on BINGE or PARAMOUNT or rent/purchase it on Fetch or Google Play for a small charge.

CANADA: Want to watch the series? No problemo! You can find it on NETFLIX and PARAMOUNT.

POLAND: If you subscribe to SKY and NETFLIX in Poland, then that is where you will find Santiago of the Seas.

ITALY: If you live in Italy, you have multiple options to watch Santiago of the Seas. That is on either PARAMOUNT or NOW.

HUNGARY: Santiago of the Seas is available on SKYSHOW in Hungary. You can watch it for free if you subscribe to the service.

FRANCE: French viewers can watch Santiago of the Seas on PARAMOUNT, CANAL+ or NETFLIX or rent from Google Play.

BRAZIL: Brazilian fans can watch Santiago of the Seas on NETFLIX and PARAMOUNT.

ROMANIA: Good news! If you have a subscription, you can stream the series in Romania on the SKY if you subscribe to the service.

More Animated Series Like This

If you enjoyed Santiago of the Seas, here are eight more animated series that offer a delightful mix of adventure, humor, and valuable life lessons:

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So, get ready to set sail for adventure with Santiago of the Seas and these other fantastic animated series that promise excitement, laughter, and valuable life lessons!

Remember, you can discover hundreds of great movies and series suitable for the whole family at our dedicated Kids page.

Happy streaming! 🙂

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