Where To Watch Suits? Stream on Netflix or Peacock?

Where to watch Suits

Imagine being the best closer in the city, but having a secret that could ruin everything.

Mike Ross's brilliant mind is his biggest asset and most significant liability, all wrapped in a complicated, dramatic package.

Now, doesn't that spark a little curiosity? The question is, do you have an appetite for smart, quick-witted legal drama?

If your answer is a resounding yes, you might wonder, should I watch Suits?

Is Suits Worth Watching?

Imagine a law firm that's more like a shark tank, but instead of investments, it's all about courtroom battles and corporate intrigue.

Harvey Specter, the best closer in New York City, teams up with Mike Ross, a college dropout with a photographic memory and a knack for the law.

Their synergy forms the heart of Suits. Think The Good Wife meets Boston Legal and if you found those intriguing, you'll certainly dig Suits.

Where to Stream Suits

Dying to see what shenanigans Harvey and Mike get up to? Let's dive into where to find Suits on various streaming platforms worldwide.

UNITED STATES: American fans can dive into the world of Suits on Peacock and Amazon Prime. The Complete Series is coming to Netflix (in The US) on June 17, 2023.

UNITED KINGDOM: For those in the UK, it's your lucky day! All seasons of Suits are available on Netflix UK.

AUSTRALIA: Down Under in Australia, your Suits fix is just a click away on Netflix.

CANADA: Salut, Canada! Canadians can indulge in Suits on Netflix.

POLAND: Residents of Poland, you're in luck! Suits is streaming on Netflix.

ITALY: In bella Italy, Suits awaits you on Netflix.

HUNGARY: Fancy some legal drama in Hungary? Find Suits on Netflix.

FRANCE: Suits streams on Netflix for all the drama enthusiasts in France.

BRAZIL: In Brazil, Suits is just a tap away on Netflix.

The Cast

Suits boasts a fantastic ensemble cast, including Gabriel Macht (The Good Shepherd) as Harvey Specter and Patrick J. Adams (Clara) as Mike Ross.

They're joined by Meghan Markle (Remember Me) as Rachel Zane, Sarah Rafferty (Brothers & Sisters) as Donna Paulsen, and Rick Hoffman (Hostel) as Louis Litt.

It is directed by Aaron Korsh, the brains behind The Deep End.

Did You Know?

Suits has quite a few fun tidbits associated with it. For instance, did you know that Patrick J. Adams (Mike Ross) was a photographer in real life, just like his character?

Or that Gabriel Macht's father, Stephen Macht, guest-starred in several episodes?

Suits ran for nine successful seasons from 2011 to 2019 and was considered a hit series by USA Network.

Critically, it was often praised for its witty dialogue, complex characters, and unique premise.

The show was nominated for several awards, including the People's Choice Awards and the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

More Series Like Suits

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Winding up this entertaining ride, one thing's clear – if sharp dialogue, intriguing characters, and riveting storylines are your jam, Suits fits you to a T.

So, why wait? Get your streaming hats on and plunge into the riveting world of Suits.

Trust me, it's a journey worth embarking on. Cheers to binge-watching!

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