Where to Watch The Crow: On Netflix or Paramount?

Where to watch The Crow

Craving a dark, brooding classic? Look no further than The Crow. Starring the late Brandon Lee, this 1994 film is a must-watch. But where can you watch The Crow?

The Crow is an iconic cult classic. It masterfully blends action, drama, and fantasy.

Lee's performance is nothing short of mesmerising. Tragically, he lost his life during the production which adds an eerie, haunting quality to the film.

Now, let's talk streaming. Numerous platforms offer The Crow.

We'll break it down by platform and country where to watch The Crow.

Where To Stream The Crow?

If you haven't watched this modern classic yet, or want to revisit it, here's where you can find it.

I have good and bad news for you. The good news is that The Crow can stream in nearly every territory and country. And for most people, you can find it on PARAMOUNT

The bad news is that it's not on Netflix!.

UNITED STATES: The Crow is available to stream on the Paramount+ app and HOOPLA for those with an active subscription. Alternatively, you can rent or purchase it on Amazon, Microsoft, YouTube or AppleTV.

CANADA: If you hope to stream The Crow in Canada, you are in luck because it is on HOOPLA, SHUDDER and AMC at no extra charge to those with a subscription. The usual rent or purchase options on AppleTV, Microsoft, and YouTube are also available.

UK: The Crow can be streamed for FREE in the UK on the iTV app. You can also rent/purchase it digitally from iTunes or Amazon Video to watch it anytime.

AUSTRALIA: Australians can't stream The Crow on any of the big streaming platforms. However, rental and purchase options are available on the Apple TV app, Microsoft, YouTube and Amazon Video.

FRANCE: The Crow is available to rent or purchase on the Canal+ and PARAMOUNT streaming services. You can also rent or purchase it on Google Play, Apple TV app and YouTube.

GERMANY: You can catch the Brandon Lee movie on the PARAMOUNT and WOW streaming service. It is also available for rental/purchase on Google Play, AppleTV, and YouTube.

POLAND: If you live in Poland, you're out of luck. The Crow is not available to stream on any of the big streaming services there.

ITALY: Great news! You can watch the movie on the PARAMOUNT in Italy without paying any extra fees as long as you have a subscription.

No matter where you live, there's a way for you to watch this amazing movie. So what are you waiting for? Put on your gothic gear, turn down the lights and sink into the world of The Crow. You won't regret it. Happy streaming!

What's The Crow About?

Ready for a thrilling, emotional ride? Let's dive into The Crow!

Based on James O'Barr's comics, The Crow is dark and mesmerising. It's set in a gritty, crime-infested city. Perfect for this tale of love and vengeance.

Meet Eric Draven, our hero, played by Brandon Lee. He's a passionate musician, deeply in love. But then, a horrific tragedy. Eric and his fiancée, Shelly, are murdered.

A supernatural twist! One year later, Eric is resurrected. A mysterious crow guides him. His mission? Revenge.

Eric suits up in black, with haunting face paint. He hunts down the killers. But there's more. A bigger conspiracy. Crime, corruption, power – Eric unravels it all.

The Crow is dark, emotional, and powerful. It's about love, loss, and retribution. Stunning visuals and an unforgettable soundtrack – it's a complete package.

To sum it up, The Crow is a timeless classic. Love conquers death, and justice prevails. A captivating ride you won't forget.

Sequels to The Crow: Continuing the Legacy

The original Crow movie's success led to the creation of several sequels. Let's delve into these follow-up films and their unique takes on the dark, supernatural world.

The Crow: City of Angels (1996)

The first sequel takes place in Los Angeles. It follows Ashe Corven (Vincent Perez), resurrected by a crow after he and his son are murdered.

Guided by Sarah, a character from the original movie, Ashe seeks vengeance against the drug lord responsible for their deaths.

Despite a visually striking aesthetic, City of Angels failed to capture the same magic as the original.

The Crow: Salvation (2000)

The third instalment in the series introduces us to Alex Corvis (Eric Mabius), who is falsely accused of murdering his girlfriend and subsequently executed.

When a crow resurrects him, he sets out to find the real killers and clear his name. Salvation takes a different approach, focusing on a falsely accused protagonist, but it didn't receive the same acclaim as the original film.

The Crow: Wicked Prayer (2005)

The final sequel features Edward Furlong as Jimmy Cuervo, an ex-convict who seeks revenge after he and his girlfriend are murdered by a satanic cult.

The cult leader (David Boreanaz) attempts to become an immortal demon using the power of the crow.

Wicked Prayer takes the franchise in a new direction with its satanic themes but, like its predecessors, failed to live up to the original's legacy.

In conclusion, the sequels of The Crow attempted to expand the franchise by exploring new characters and settings. While visually captivating and atmospheric, they couldn't quite replicate the impact and emotional resonance of the original film.

Nonetheless, they remain a part of The Crow's legacy, offering different takes on the supernatural world where love and vengeance intertwine.

The Crow Remake 2023

The Crow movie remake is an upcoming film based on James O'Barr's comic of the same name. Directed by Rupert Sanders, the movie will star Bill Skarsgård and FKA twigs.

The remake follows a Detroit man as he searches for the men who left him to die in the trunk of a car on Halloween night.

The original 1994 movie was a cult classic, so fans are excited to see what this new version has in store. Bill Skarsgård, known for his role as Pennywise in It, is set to bring his unique style of horror to the remake. FKA twigs will also be making her feature film debut with this project.

Production for The Crow movie remake has recently wrapped up, and it's officially entered post-production. With its talented cast and crew, this remake looks like it could be even better than the original!

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