Where To Watch The Loud House – On Netflix or Paramount?

Where to watch The Loud House

Wondering where to catch The Loud House? You're not alone.

This animated series has captured the hearts of both kids and adults, offering a humorous yet touching look into the chaotic life of a large family.

What's The Loud House About?

It's about Lincoln Loud. He's an 11-year-old boy. Lincoln has ten sisters. Yes, you read that right — ten sisters!

The show dives into the dynamics of a big family, exploring the ups and downs, the laughter and tears, and the inevitable chaos that ensues when you have eleven siblings under one roof.

Each episode is a new adventure, often featuring Lincoln's attempts to navigate the challenges and joys of being the only boy in a family full of strong, unique personalities.

Why Should You Watch It?

The Loud House is funny. It's relatable. It's got heart. The show's unique animation style draws you in, while the clever writing and well-developed characters keep you returning for more.

Whether you're a kid looking for a show that understands the complexities of sibling relationships or an adult who enjoys a good laugh, The Loud House has something for everyone.

Where Can You Stream The Loud House?

Here's the big news. You can watch it on Paramount+.

That's right, the entire series is available on this streaming platform.

Paramount+ is the go-to place for all things Nickelodeon, including The Loud House.

United States
In the USA, you have multiple options to stream The Loud House. Paramount+ offers 5 seasons, while DIRECTV has 7 seasons available. Fubo provides 3 seasons for your viewing pleasure. Additionally, you can purchase episodes on video-on-demand platforms like Apple and Google Play.

United Kingdom
In the UK, The Loud House is quite accessible. Paramount+ features a generous 7 seasons, and Netflix has 2 seasons to get you started. For those who prefer owning episodes, various video-on-demand services are also available.

The lucky Germans are spoiled for choice when it comes to watching The Loud House. Paramount+ leads with 6 seasons, while Netflix offers 2 seasons. For a quick taste, WOW has 1 season, and Joyn impresses with 5 seasons available for streaming.

In Poland, The Loud House fans can turn to SkyShowtime for a comprehensive 6 seasons. Netflix is also in the game with 2 seasons. For a quick binge, HorizonGo offers 1 season of the beloved series.

Italians can catch The Loud House on Paramount+ with 5 seasons available. If you're a Sky subscriber, you can enjoy 1 season of the animated family fun.

OiPlay takes the lead in Brazil, with 6 seasons of The Loud House available for streaming. Paramount+ is just a little behind, offering 5 seasons for fans to enjoy.

The Expanding Universe of The Loud House

The Loud House isn't just a standalone show anymore. It's a franchise. And it's growing. Here's a rundown of this animated juggernaut's spin-offs and movies.


First up, The Casagrandes. This show focuses on Ronnie Anne Santiago and her big, loving family.

Ronnie Anne is a friend of Lincoln Loud, and the show often crosses over with The Loud House.

It's a dive into urban life, culture, and the importance of family and community.

This is the Spanish version of The Loud House. It's the same show but in Spanish. A great way to enjoy the series and practice your language skills.

The Loud House Movie

Released in 2021, The Loud House Movie is a feature-length film. It takes the Loud family to Scotland.

Why? They discover they're descendants of royalty. It's a big adventure with even bigger laughs.

A Loud House Christmas

This is a live-action movie. It premiered in 2021. The film brings the animated characters to life, focusing on Lincoln's quest to ensure the “perfect” Christmas for his family.

It's heartwarming and fun, perfect for the holiday season.

Upcoming Projects

There's more to come. Nickelodeon has hinted at additional projects. Fans, keep your eyes peeled.

Looking for More Shows Like The Loud House?

If you've fallen in love with the chaotic yet heartwarming world of Lincoln Loud and his ten sisters, you might be wondering what to watch next.

Good news! There are plenty of shows out there that capture the same blend of humour, family dynamics, and adventure.

Whether you're looking for another Nickelodeon hit or want to explore what other networks have to offer, we've got you covered.

Here are five recommendations that will keep you entertained and maybe even tug at your heartstrings, just like The Loud House.

SpongeBob SquarePants

It's another Nickelodeon classic. Like The Loud House, it combines humour and heart.

The underwater world of Bikini Bottom offers a unique setting, and the characters are unforgettable.

Gravity Falls

This Disney series also focuses on family dynamics, albeit in a more mysterious setting.

If you enjoy the adventure aspect of The Loud House, you'll love the puzzles and mysteries that siblings Dipper and Mabel solve.

Steven Universe

This Cartoon Network show explores family differently—through a young boy raised by magical beings.

It's got fun, emotion, and a lot of heart, much like The Loud House.

Phineas and Ferb

This Disney series is all about two brothers making the most of their summer vacation.

If you enjoy the episodic adventures of Lincoln Loud and his sisters, you'll appreciate the creativity in Phineas and Ferb's escapades.

The Amazing World of Gumball

Another Cartoon Network gem, this show is a mix of various animation styles. It's quirky and funny, focusing on a cat named Gumball and his family.

If you like the family dynamics in The Loud House, you'll find much to love here.

Each show offers something different but captures some of the essence that makes The Loud House so enjoyable.

Final Thoughts

The Loud House is more than a show. It's a universe. With spin-offs and movies, it offers something for everyone.

Whether you're a fan of the original series or new to the Loud universe, there's plenty to explore and enjoy.

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