Where To Watch The White Lotus? Stream on Netflix or Discovery?

where to watch the white lotus

If you're a fan of biting satire and social commentary disguised as beautiful island escapades, the hunt for your next binge-watch might be over.

We're talking about the highly lauded The White Lotus. Does a suspenseful drama that deftly dances the line between comedy and tragedy sound like your cup of tea?

Keep reading to discover more about the series and decide if it's the perfect fit for your watch list.

Is The White Lotus Worth Watching?

As far as series go, The White Lotus is an absolute gem.

It's an ensemble comedy-drama that takes place at an exclusive Hawaiian resort, where guests (and viewers!) can expect anything but relaxation.

If you loved the class tension in Parasite and the interpersonal drama of Succession, then The White Lotus will be right up your alley.

Where to Stream The White Lotus

For all the enthusiasts out there wondering where to stream this gripping series, we've got the answers right here!

UNITED STATES: Get ready, American fans! You can dive into The White Lotus on HBO Max, and the first season is also free to watch.

UNITED KINGDOM: Brits, your journey to the Hawaiian resort awaits on Sky TV and the NOW app.

AUSTRALIA: For our mates down under, you can watch The White Lotus on Binge and Foxtel.

CANADA: Eh, Canadian viewers! Hop on to Crave to stream this exciting series.

POLAND: In Poland, The White Lotus beckons you on HBOMax and Horizon.

ITALY: For our Italian friends, The White Lotus can be found on Sky Italia.

HUNGARY: Magyars, your ticket to paradise is on HBOMax.

FRANCE: Bonjour, French viewers! Stream The White Lotus on OCS, CANAL+ and Pass Warner.

BRAZIL: In Brazil, the series is waiting for you on HBOMax and iOPlay.

ROMANIA: And lastly, Romanians, tune in to HBOMax to catch this must-see series.

The Cast

The White Lotus is powered by a stellar ensemble cast. At the helm is Jennifer Coolidge, known for her iconic role in Legally Blonde, and Connie Britton of Friday Night Lights fame.

The series is written and directed by Mike White, known for his works like School of Rock and Enlightened.

Did You Know

Here's a fun fact about The White Lotus: The series was actually filmed during the COVID-19 pandemic, which presented some unique challenges and restrictions.

Also, while set in Hawaii, most of the indoor scenes were shot on sound stages in Los Angeles.

In terms of performance, The White Lotus was a clear win, grabbing critics' attention and garnering impressive viewership numbers.

Its nuanced commentary on class and privilege earned it a nomination for Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series at the Emmy Awards.

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In conclusion, if your appetite craves intriguing drama interspersed with moments of hilarity, it's time to make a reservation at The White Lotus.

Like the guests at this Hawaiian resort, you might arrive for the promise of paradise, but stay for the deliciously unfolding chaos.

And remember, in the world of The White Lotus, paradise isn't always what it seems. Happy streaming!

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