Who Are The Cast In Lovestruck High? Are Any Of Them Still Together?

Who Are The Cast In Lovestruck High? Are Any Of Them Still Together?

Amazon Prime Video has dipped its toe into the reality dating world with Lovestruck High (review here).

Fifteen single strangers are all looking for love so what better place to send them than an all American high school from the movies.

With homecoming, cheerleading, drama class and of course, the all important Prom on the schedule, can our singeltons find true love in the classroom?

There are plenty of twists and turns, expulsions and new students so getting to the end is not as easy as it sounds. But our Lovestruck High contestants need to stay in the game if they want a shot at winning $100,000.

So who will be crowned Prom King and Queen and more importantly, just who are the cast members of Lovestruck High?

Lovestruck High Cast


Lindsay Lohan

The queen of Mean Girls, Lindsay Lohan has returned to high school to narrate Lovestruck High. Funny and witty, she brings the cynicism and sarcastic vibe to otherwise uneventful proceedings in the show.

We simply couldn't think of anybody more perfect than Lindsay to make us laugh out loud at the goings-on in the show.


Megan Vail

Described by one of her castmates as ‘a 24-carat b*tch', Megan definitely knows how to rub her fellow classmates the wrong way. Of course that doesn't stop the lads from trying everything they can to hook up with her!

With 21K Insta followers and 34K on Tiktok, Megan knows how to work the camera and the angles to get what she wants.


Junaid Ahmed

With 43K Instagram followers, Junaid is a self-confessed ‘Bitch with a heart' and although he is very popular among his classmates, he definitely brings the drama.

Hailing from Essex, this diva is stylish and fun but with a biting tongue doesn't sit on the fence. Brings the entertainment to the Lovestruck High.

KT Franklin

KT Franklin

With a whopping 2.6 MILLION TikTok followers (@ktfranklin) and 211K Instagram followers, KT Franklin is definitely the biggest social media star in Lovestruck High.

That said, she tends to get overlooked in all the drama but props to her, she is well able to stand up for herself and comes across as one of the most authentic.


Geoff Chung

Geoff is the one student in Lovestruck High that wants to avoid the drama as much as possible – he even dumped his girlfriend over a little shouting match. Apparently it was a red flag!

Clearly Geoff didn't get the memo about reality dating shows but that won't bother his 14K Instagram followers!


Yasmine Raveea Morsi

Hailing from Bromley in England, Yasmine Raveea Morsi is a Lovehigh High beauty and unsurprisingly has caught the eye of almost guy in the school.

A fashion model, Yasmine really needs to work on her social media skills cos it is near on impossible to find her profiles! Though that hasn't stopped over 11K fans from following her on Instagram!


Huss Zalzale

Every class needs a clown and in Lovestruck High is Huss Zalzale. The problem is that he's not really that funny eek!

Despite his best attempts, none of the girls want to date him (the pity date from KT Franklin doesn't count). But bless him, he never gives up though the chances of him finding love this season are slim to none.


Jody Williams

Jody Williams is a Bolton-based salon owner and mother of one. Confusing her classmates from the start (Geoff asked her out), Jody is a lesbian so options in Lovestruck High were limited from the get go.

Despite this, she hit it off with Beth but nothing on either of their Instagram profiles suggests they either stayed together or broke up (shrug emoji)


Alex Dean

I got the overwhelming impression that Alex Dean hammed up his role in Lovestruck High to come across as a more cocky and desireable lad in order to impress the ladies.

Maybe if he had just been himself, and a little less ‘blokeish' he may not have been booted out so early. Oh well, doubt his fan base on social media, boasting around 30K Instagram followers and 135.5K on TikTok, really care that much.


Dan Elward

Coming across as one of the nicest castmates on Lovestruck High is Dan Elward the 23-year-old from Bridgend in Wales. Junaid immediately fell in love with him but when Basit walked in it was adios Junaid and hola Basit.

That didn't last very long though with a spectacular fallout at the Valentine's dance leaving Dan to figure out who he really wanted to be with. His Instagram doesn't give much away so we're still waiting for him to find love.


Charlie Curtis

The problem with reality dating shows is that if any of the contestants even hint at being true to themselves then it freaks everybody else out.

Case in point is Charlie Curtis who genuinely had a connection with Jess Doolan before being unceremoniously dumped.

This of course upset Charlie but the tears were seen as big no no and when they got the opportunity, the classmates booted her out. Poor Charlie!


Basit Eniafe

Basit's entrance into Lovestruck High was dramatic. Not only did the handsome Irish guy turn heads the second he walked in, he along with newcomer Adam Jordan had to expel one of their classmates.

Controversy followed Basit as a poorly made joke caused up roar at the Valentine's dance, leading to Dan deciding to call it quits with him. Not that his 9K Instagram followers minded.


Max O'Dwyer

Oh Max! The second he got with Yasmine and started delaring his undying love for her we all knew he was in big trouble.

And that trouble was called Alexis, a brooding Frenchman who promptly came in, clapped eyes on Jasmine and swept her off her feet. Don't worry Max, plenty more fish in the sea!


Jess Doolan

One of the very few bisexual contestants in Lovestruck High, Jess dipped her toe into the dating pool with Charlie before deciding she was too needy.

At that point she bounced around little before clapping eyes in newcomer Kyle Coleman and suddenly she was smitten.

Jess co-hosts the Two Broke Slags podcast and has nearly 8K Insta followers.


Theo McDermott

Theo who? JK. Theo McDermott is definitely one of the quietest cast members in Lovestruck High, then again it could just be the editing!

With just over 6K Instagram followers, Theo is a comedian and model but whether he finds love on the show remains to be seen.


Chante Andrews

Chante was one the few contestants to find a match very quickly, hooking up with Geoff for the better part of the season. That was until the valentine's dance showdown when a more fiesty Chante sent Geoff running for the hills.

Will she find love on the show? Nothing on her social media profiles suggests she's bagged the man of her dreams so we're still waiting!


Sinae Prendergast

Known as Sin on the show, she was messed around a bit by a few of the other girls firstly by Jody and then by Jess. Given that she came across on the show as a genuinely lovely person it seemed very unfair that she didn't find somebody on her level.

But she can console herself with her 23K TikTok followers who all love her.


Adam Jordan

Hailing from Norwich in England, Adam Jordan came into Lovestruck High with Basit, instantly catching the eye of Megan.

And Adam is no fool, he quickly realised his main competition was Alex Dean and so he expelled him, clearing the path for true love with Megan. Well, sort of.

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