Who Are The Contestants On Netflix Hyperdrive?

Who Are The Contestants On Netflix Hyperdrive?

Hyperdrive hit the screens as a Netflix Original on 21st August 2019. This outrageous show takes the best drift drivers from all over the world and puts them into a crazy competition. And it's not just the drivers and their cars that are insane. The courses they compete on are insane as Hyperdrive has constructed the biggest drift obstacle course ever seen. Check out our review of the show here.

The skills and thrills involved here are mind-blowing. The Hyperdrive contestants are made up of European Champions, Brazilian stars and even a bonkers brummie from Birmingham. But who exactly are these international speed demons?

Netflix Hyperdrive Contestants


Diego Higa

Hyperdrive Contestant – Diego Higa is the baby faced assasin from Santos Brazil. Don't let his age fool you, this Brazilian wizard is a master behind the wheel. He is one of the youngest contestants on Hyperdrive, but he has five years experience as a pro driver. Under the careful guidance from his father (himself an ex pro driver), Diego is a clear contender in any competition.

Driving an insane 2006 Ford Mustang GT everyone in the field knows that Diego will be the one to watch. But if you want to get some tips from him you could book a spot at his Drift School.


Fielding Shredder

Hyperdrive Contestant – Fielding Shredder was the very first driver to appear on Hyperdrive. My guess would be that the producers chose him to appear first because of his wild driving style. This guy drives like a man possesed, he seems like he throws caution to the wind and pays for it sometimes. Fielding comes from Austin Texas, aged 31 and the son of a fighter pilot. Sadly though his father suffered a serious stroke some years ago. Fielding describes that he always looked up to his dad and it seems his go hard attitude is very much driven by his father.

Fielding drives a 1997 Nissan 240 SX that is one of the noisiest beasts on the start line. It has to be said he really does push the car to the limit and by the end of the show, his poor Nissan has plenty of battle scars. Possibly one of the most entertaining drivers to watch, purely because he is bonkers.


Stacey Lee May

Hyperdrive Contestant – Stacey Lee May may look like she is no older than 12 years old. But the 22 year old from Johannesburg has nerves of steel. Charlize Theron meets up with Stacey and her family in South Africa where we get to see her perform some amazing stunts. Not only is she a wild driving talent, but she also studies Law.

Stacey drives a 1986 BMW E30 3 Series that is painted dark pink to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. She is easily the peoples favourite, her dad sold his tow truck to egt the funds to get her on the show. Her car does seem outrageously outmatched by some of the other cars but everyone loves the underdog.


Brittany Williams

Hyperdrive Contestant – Brittany Williams left her job as a vetrinary assistant to focus on her drifting career and has never looked back. She has a strong online following, along with her husband Kevin Williams they have nearly 85,000 subscribers on their Youtube channel Lite Brite. This 28 year old from Lewisville Texas has been a prominente presence on the Lone Star Drift circuit for some time and is ranke four from the thirty four contestants.

Brittany drives a 2008 Nissan 350z which maybe a little underpowered compared to some of the other cars. But it is extremely agile and with Brittany driving the car she will be pushing it with the best.


Alexandre Claudin

Hyperdrive Contestant – Hyperdrive Contestant – Alexandre Claudin is a real adrenalin junkie. The 29 year old from the alps in France is also a pro downhill mountain bike racer. This guy has no fear at all and is willing to push himself and his machines to their absolute limit. The Frenchman has heaps of charisma and is guaranteed to entertain with bags of passion.

Alexandre drives a 1968 Dodge Charger. This charger is a real monster, he has modified this legendary muscle car with a BMW V8 engine.


João Barion

Hyperdrive Contestant – João Barion makes his mark from the very first run on the show. Known as Sheriff Barion, the 30 year old from Sao Paulo Brazil has been in motor racing since he was nine years old. His skills behind the wheel really stand out from the pack, just check out his youtube channel here.

The Sheriff drives a 1965 Mustang Fastback that looks and sounds incredible. He also competes in Formula Drift Pro 1 and you know that he is going to pushing his fellow country man Diego for the top spot.


Atsushi Taniguchi

Hyperdrive Contestant – Atsushi Taniguchi really showed his metal in episode one, jumping his car over a safety barier on the six storey leveller. This 43 year old from Aichi in Japan is a bit of a legend in Asia regularly getting over one million views on his Youtube channel. Tanaguchi Automotive has over twenty years experience in racing cars and boy does it show.

Tani drives a super fast 2002 Toyota Crown, but makes it very clear that he does not mind scratching it in his first outing. The car is set up to look like a Japanese police car. There is no doubt that he is a real entertainer and a master of drifting.


Karola Pilarczyk

Hyperdrive Contestant – Karolina Pilarczyk amazingly fell into motorsport after attending a driving academy to help improve her driving ability. Well, lets say she did alright hey, because she has gone onto win The Queen of Europe back to back in 2016/17. Coming from Warsaw in Poland she certainly makes her mark as one of the best Women drift racers around.

Karolina drives a 1998 Nissan 200sxs Silva S14 that has as much growl as the snerling dog that is painted on the car. This thing is boosted by a Vortech Supercharger V7 600KM and is one impressive vehicle.


Mick "Wacky" Wilkes

Hyperdrive Contestant – Mick “Whacky” Wilkes is without doubt the biggest character on the whole show. This bonkers brummie from Stourbridge in Birmingham England owns his own custom business called Wacky Racers. It's fair to say that Mick does not have the best of times competing in Hyperdrive, but he sure does add something very different to the show.

Mick drives a 1978 Vauxhall HA Van, yes I know what you are thinking, really a Vauxhall Van? Well check out his heavily modified Van for yourself here. Yep it does look pretty standard, but this thing is no ordinary Van and Mick is no ordinary guy either.


Axel François

Hyperdrive Contestant – Axel François is a pro drift driver with a drift school called Xtrem Drift. The 34 year old comes from Manosque in the south of France. This guy is super cool and super talented, coming third place in the King of Europe 2018.

Axel drives a 1993 Nissan 200SX S13, made up to look like a futuristic police car out of Blade Runner. He squeezes everything out of this car to beat some of the best cars in the field. How the car keeps going is a complete mystery, but it does and he was up there with the best.


Faruk Kugay

Hyperdrive Contestant – Faruk Kugay is possibly the most likeable guy in the whole tournament. Where some of the contestants are multi millionaires and a little bit full of themselves. This 33 year old from San Francisco has multiple jobs, including delivering Pizzas to make up enough money to fund his passion for drifting. Don't worry he does not deviver the Pizzas in his competition car.

Faruk drives a 2008 BMW e92, banging out well over 700hp. Now you would expect the German engineering to be helping Faruk right to the very end. But poor Faruk has his fair share of problems with the car and it would be great to see him back in Season two.


Omar Salaymeh

Hyperdrive Contestant – Omar Salaymeh sure looks like he has everything to be a contender at first glance that is. But his driving tactics certainly did not go down too well with the other competitors. The super rich 32 year old from Chicago is the owner of Ultimate Road Rally, see how he got onto the show here.

Omar drives an impressive 2016 Mercedes AMG GTS, a real super car that makes an instant impact at the starting gate. But it seemed that he did not have enough time to set the car up correctly so that it would drift – just see what his solution to the problem is and make your own judgment on Omar's driving tactics.


Jordan Martin

Hyperdrive Contestant – Jordan Martin is a successful business man and proud family man. The 33 year old petrol head from Illinois America loves powerful cars, he has been part of AMS performance and compeed for some years. He picked up first place in the Outlaw Class of the GTR World Cup Series.

Jordan drives a 2015 Lamborghini Huracan, possibly the most obvious supercar in the bunch. I know, Lamborghini's should not drift but this one does. Yes it does seem a little unbalanced pitching this supercar against some of the others. But it certainly does give something different in the field.


Sara Haro

Hyperdrive Contestant – Sara Haro is a truck driver from Florida America. Yes that's right, her facebook profile still lists her as a truckdriver in Tampa. The 22 year old also works as a model. Originally from Sweden, Sara is no slouch behind the wheel.

Sara drives a 2014 Ford Mustang that she has named the Black Pearl. It has to be said that this Mustang looks a lot closer to stock than let's say the car driven by the Sheriff. But it is one impressive car when she is driving it – check out her Youtube Channel.


Kisaragi Awano

Hyperdrive Contestant – Kisaragi Awano is the all out Tokyo Drift Queen. Born in Osaka Japan she is hugely popular with 23,500 followers on her Instagram page. She started off as a Race Queen, modelling at the races but soon got her chance to get behind the wheel. Now a full Pro Driver Kisa plans to extend her career into the U.S drift circuit.

Kisaragi drives a Toyota JZX100 Cresta, a firm favourite in the Japanese drifting scene. Kisa brings heaps of energy and always has a huge smile on her face. But she does not get as far as she would have liked.


Aaron Parker

Hyperdrive Contestant – Aaron Parker is a former Mathematics teacher. But this super cool 33 year old from California has always loved fast cars. He has worked for a number of top team race drivers, passing on his knowledge to get their cars to be the best around.

Aaron drives a 1993 Mazda FD RX7, a car gifted with the incredibly powerful rotary engine. Straight out of the showroom these cars are fast, but Aaron's car is just insane. Not only does it look out of this world but it sounds ridiculous. Thing is, poor Aaron had a sweep of horrible bad luck on the show, so he would be first on the fans list to be back on the next season with his car “The Wolf”.


Corinna Gräff

Hyperdrive Contestant – Corinna Gräff comes onto the show with her family. However, they are not there just for support. Her husband Alex is also a competitor and they both want to win, in fact they want to beat each other mostly. This husband and wife team from Germany have been competing across Europe for years and are possibly the most experienced of all of the drivers out there. Corinna is known as Driftbeast, let me tell you, she is technically one of the best competing in Hyperdrive.

Corinna drives a Mercedes E500 a V8 powered monster or beast of a car. This merc looks and sounds brilliant. But it is Corinna's driving skills that impresses most. The competitiveness between her and husband Alex really adds to the show too. Guess who comes out on top – well you will have to watch to see.


Alex Gräff

Hyperdrive Contestant – Alex Gräff from Germany is the amazingly talented Husband to Corinna. Now I have already mentioned their intense competitive streak. But these two have very different driving styles, Alex seems to be the more aggressive of the two drivers. Although it is hard to say if this gives him the edge or not. He is easily up there with Corinna as possibly the most experienced drift driver in the competition.

Alex drives a 1986 Series 5 E28 BMW M3 which he drives as though it is a pure extension of himself. You get the feeling that out of all the cars at his disposal at Graff Motorsport, this is by far his favorite. Regardless if it is an 80's classic this car is just brilliant, looks even cooler with the additional roof rack fitted.


Michael Pettiford

Hyperdrive Contestant – Michael Pettiford is from Louisville, Colorado. This guy has been competing in Motorsports since 1974 and is a six time SCCA Championship winner. Aged 63, Michael is the oldest competitor in the competition. It has to be said, his first appearance in front of the camera suggests he is very confident. With his experience and the fact that he has a racing driving school, you kind of expect he will do well.

Michael drives a 2016 Chevrolet Corvette, the same car he has used to win various Hill Climbs. It's fair to say that Michael does not have the greatest of outings on the show, not sure if the long vet was the best choice for the course.


Michael Martin

Hyperdrive Contestant – Michael Martin is a 53 yar old from Gloucester, VIrginia. This drag car veteran has a big following from fans of the quarter mile. Known also as the Juiceman, he held a World record for running 4.29 on the eighth mile for Nitrous Outlaw. He has been racing since he was sixteen years old and is a dedicated familyman.

Michael drives a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro, a Nitrous spitting monster that was purposely built for the show. He is clearly a fan of the Camaro and the colour orange, just take a look at is other quarter milers. There is no doubt he is a big talent pushing a car at speed down a straight line but does he have what it takes to be the best on the hyperdrive obstactle course?


Brent Pursifull

Hyperdrive Contestant – Brent Pursifull is also known as the 2thfarmer, due to him being a practicing Dentist in his home town. This 54 year old from Middlesboro, Kentucky America is a larger than life character with a big passion for muscle cars. So this is a great guy to know if you have an emergency with your teeth. He'll be there in a flash in one of his beefed up motors.

Brent drives a 1972 Pontiac Firebird, it appears he is a big Pontiac fan. In fact, it looks like he is a big Burt Reynolds fan, as in Smokey and the Bandit. Brent even has the matching moustache. Let's see if his driving skills are as polished as his clients teeth.


  1. didn’t they say there were 28 drivers not 21?

  2. Just wanted to extend a grateful thank you for producing a show that doesn’t make me fall asleep. The camaraderie of the contestants, the skill, and the respect all make for entertainment worth watching. It has been a long time since i haven’t wanted the time spent watching a show back. Congratulations on a winner and i am hoping for more seasons.

    • Hmm where are the rest of the drivers…?

      • I know there’s meant to be 28 drivers not 21 … that’s seven drivers missing

        • Was 1 of the contestants a wheelchair user? I am myself and am watching this for the second time around only I don’t see him here?

          • You are thinking of the show “fastest car

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