Who Are The Contestants On Netflix Next In Fashion Season 2?

Who Are The Contestants On Netflix Next In Fashion Season 2?

Next in Fashion is the super addictive, binge-fest that is a must-watch for anyone who is into the world of fashion.

A huge hit for Netflix, the first season was released in January 2020. It was hosted by presenters Alexa Chung and Tan France (Queer Eye) and saw eighteen of the finest designers from all over the world, go through their paces in a bid to win a cool $250,000.

Interestingly, the show was then officially cancelled by Netflix, only to reappear in 2023 with Season 2. Tan France returned but this time alongside Gigi Haddid and with only 12 contestants.

So if you've only just found the show, you're probably wondering who the contestants are in Next in Fashion, season 2!

Netflix Next in Fashion Season 2 Contestants

Nigel Xavier Next in Fashion

Nigel Xavier

Next in Fashion Season 2 Contestant – Nigel Xavier hails from Atlanta Georgia. He is renowned for his signature style that involves patchwork and manipulation of textiles, which pays homage to the fashion trends of the 90s and early 2000s.

His talent has earned him a client base that spans the music industry, with the likes of 2 Chainz, the rapper behind “It's a Vibe,” seeking his designs.

Nigel draws inspiration from musicians such as A$AP Rocky, Playboi Carti, and Travis Scott, considering them his muses, according to MEAWW.

Bao Tranchi next in fashion

Bao Tranchi

Next in Fashion Contestant – Bao Tranchi is the youngest of nine children and arrived in the US via Saigon, Vietnam with her family as a child.

Her 20-year career Upon began when she graduated from Otis College of Art & Design at the age of 21. Following her graduation, she received two job offers: one for a design role at ANNE KLEIN in New York City and the other to work on Warner Bros. Queen of the Damned film.

Bao decided to accept the costume job, and in doing so, she became a member of the Costume Designer's Guild. Bao worked on various feature films, including Charlie's Angels and Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

She kickstarted her career by styling Leonardo DiCaprio for Rolling Stone magazine, under the lens of Mark Seliger. She also worked on styling for music videos by Janet Jackson and Destiny's Child.

Deontre Hancock Next in Fashion

Deontré Hancock

Next in Fashion Contestant – Deontré Hancock is from Washington, DC and is known for his men's streetwear designs.

He is renowned for his nomadic lifestyle as he frequently travels across the country to showcase his creations and savour life's experiences.

His brand, Hoodlvm, specializes in streetwear that is undeniably fashionable, and following his appearance on the Netflix series, extended his gratitude to all those who supported him throughout his journey.

Amari Carter Next in Fashion

Amari Carter

Next in Fashion Contestant – Amari Carter is undoubtedly one of the sweetest contestants on any reality show ever!

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, the designer strongly upholds the belief in crafting premium products by giving obsessive attention to detail and employing ethical methods.

Her team meticulously designs, cuts, and sews all their clothing in-house, ensuring full control over each product they create.

The ultimate goal is for her wearers to feel the passion she has instilled into her garments.

Desyree Nicole Next in Fashion

Desyrée Nicole

Next in Fashion Contestant – Desyrée Nicole specialises in menswear.

Her design philosophy revolves around retaining her signature style while simultaneously exploring innovative techniques.

In 2016, she launched the highly sought-after menswear brand Todd Patrick, which she named after her brother, simply because she thought his name was great, and it would be “cool” to see it everywhere.

The designer's experience playing basketball has taught her the importance of confronting challenges head-on. Her goal following the show is to continue sharing her art and contribute to her community in Detroit.

Megan OCain Next in Fashion

Megan O’Cain

Next in Fashion Contestant – Megan O’Cain has one of the most colourful aesthetics in season 2 of Next in Fashion.

She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion/Apparel Design from Parsons School of Design and her creations are heavily influenced by her passion for vibrant colors and busy designs.

Undoubtedly, she is one of the most imaginative and skillful designers in the industry. Her designs are not only distinctive and novel, but also remarkably unconventional, catching everyone off guard.

Megan's creations are a true reflection of her passion and dedication, with every piece reflecting her heart and soul. Her unique hair, characterized by bold pink with light green hues, is a signature trait that echoes through most of her designs.

With a mix of vibrant colors and iconic styles, the designer effortlessly brings her vision to life.

Danny Godoy Next in Fashion

Danny Godoy

Next in Fashion Contestant – Danny Godoy is from California and made his name in the industry creating designs for drag queens.

Danny's love for fashion sparked at a very young age, and he has been immersed in the creative world since he was four years old.

Additionally, he is a trained Mexican Folklorico Dancer and began his fashion journey at 15. Danny pursued his passion by attending FIDM in DTLA, where he earned an AA in Fashion Design and Advanced Fashion Design.

He has designed outfits for the world's most prominent drag queens, including Naomi Smalls, Kim Chi, BOB, Raven, Raja, Manila Luzon, Ongina, and Monique Heart.

James Ford Next in Fashion

James Ford

Next in Fashion Contestant – James Ford is from La Grange, Kentucky and focuses his designs on preppy sportswear and men's suits.

James pursued his education at both Colorado State University and the University of Southern California.

As the designer and creative director of Rowena Social Club, James is a specialist in crafting custom suits and tailoring.

In 2021, he was appointed as the creative director of his own brand.

Eliana Batsakis next in fashion

Eliana Batsakis

Next in Fashion Contestant – Eliana Batsakis grew up in a small town in southwest Ohio, and enjoyed spending her time making up stories and imaginary worlds with her cousins.

As she grew older, these creative pursuits evolved into an artistic practice. Through her use of voluminous and colorful garments, Batsakis aims to transport her viewers into other realms that they can easily enter and exit.

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Batsakis is a fashion designer, artist, and self-described “world-builder.”

She finds inspiration in the intersection of costume and fashion, and enjoys collaborating with other artists as a freelance fashion designer and creative director.

Qaysean Williams next in fashion

Qaysean Williams

Next in Fashion Contestant – Qaysean Williams, also known as “the one-hand sewing man,” is an up-and-coming fashion designer, rapper, and aspiring actor.

He has gained recognition for his ability to cut and sew clothing and accessories with just one arm, due to his Erb’s/Klumpke’s Palsy.

Williams turned to fashion to conceal his deformity and founded his fashion label, Manikin Mob.

Growing up with a disability has greatly influenced Williams' career path, and he sees himself as a creator and innovator with a “Super-Ability.”

Courtney Smith next in fashion

Courtney Smith

Next in Fashion Contestant – Courtney Thorne Smith hails from the Bronx, New York and specialising in designing for plus sized women.

During season 2, Courtney Thorne Smith showcased her talent and impressed the judges with her abilities, ultimately proving herself as a top designer.

She advocates for body positivity and inclusivity and is the founder and owner of Courtney Noelle, an independent apparel business established in 2013.

Usama Ishtay next in fashion

Usama Ishtay

Next in Fashion Contestant – Usama Ishtay is originally from Venezuela but immigrated to the US to pursue his dream of being a fashion designer.

Usama Ishtay, who owned a clothing store in Venezuela, moved to Los Angeles in 2015 to study fashion. Throughout his design career, he has collaborated with well-known celebrities such as Tyra Banks and Carrie Underwood.

Usama’s brand, also called Usama Ishtay, has achieved enormous success on the show Next in Fashion. The brand offers a wide range of clothing, including ballgowns, bodysuits, and custom-made wedding dresses.

The fifth collection, “ENIGMA,” was launched at Los Angeles Fashion Week in October 2019.

Netflix Next in Fashion Season 1 Contestants

Minju Next in Fashion Contestant

Minju Kim

Next in Fashion Contestant – Minju Kim is from South Korea and has been well recognised in the industry for some time now. For instance, back in 2015 she took the LVMH Prize for young fashion designer, just one of the major prizes she has been awarded over the last few years. She has also contributed to the collections at H&M. A highly skilled and incredibly creative designer, she is also responsible for creative collections of K-Pop megastars BTS.

One thing that stands out with her designs is the powerful blend of bold but functional, which creates an impact but, always achieves a totally wearable product. Another standout is her academic background. Minju Kim has two degrees, studying at the Samsung Art & Design Institute and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. She is a huge talent so expect to see and hear more about her over the next couple of years.

Daniel Fletcher - Next in Fashion Contestant

Daniel Fletcher

Next in Fashion Contestant – Daniel Fletcher comes from Chester, in the North West of England. Having graduated from Central Saint Martins, he quickly gained experience working for some of the biggest fashion designers in the world including Louis Vuitton, Victoria Beckham, Burberry and Lanvin. In 2015 he developed his own contemporary menswear brand and in 2018 was one of the winners of the European Semi-Final of the International Woolmark Prize.

His designs already have a cult and celebrity following with the likes of Mark Ronson, Antoni from Queer Eye and Harry Styles wearing his clothes. On top of that, he is also the Artistic Director of Fiorucci. Fletcher is a major talent in the fashion world and is sure to be even busier following his appearance on Next In Fashion.

Angel Chen Next in Fashion Contestant

Angel Chen

Next In Fashion Contestant – Angel Chen is from Shenzhen, China and is already very well established in her own right. In 2016 she was listed in Forbes Asia '30 under 30 and made the BoF500 (Business of Fashion) in 2017 and 2018. Chen has her own celebrity following with Charlie XCX and American Model Bella Hadid frequently sporting her line.

Angel Chen left China at 17 to study Fashion Design at Central Saint Martins in London. She then headed off to New York crafting her skills with internships at Vera Wang, Alexander Wang and Marchesa. Her clothes are already stocked in over seventy of the world's biggest retailers including Galleries Lafayette, Selfridges and Bergdorf Goodman. Will she become a household name in the future? With her easy to wear casuals and bold colours, she has broad appeal so get used to hearing her name.

Ashton Michael Next in Fashion Contestant

Ashton Hirota

Next in Fashion Contestant – Ashton Hirota is from Los Angeles, California and heading into the competition was a bonafide contender. Already somewhat of a celebrity in his own right, he has made appearances on America's Next Top Model and Opening Act. He is the guy who has been styling the A-Listers for quite some time now. His creations have appeared on stage at the Grammy's and the Superbowl and when it comes to the stars he has dressed Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Will.i.am, Pitbull and Cher.

But the celebrity factor isn't all that Ashton has got going for him. At age 19, he set up his first company called GLAZA. Then, less than three years later, he set up his own label ‘Ashton Michael‘. In 2013 the streets of Hollywood were completely closed down so Ashton could build a huge fashion runway on it for his show. Appealing to broad audience, he also has a ready to wear line called “ASH” with a more reasonable price point than some of the higher-end pieces.

Marco Morante Next in Fashion Contestant

Marco Morante

Next in Fashion Contestant – Marco Morante is from Los Angeles, California and best friends with Ashton Hirota. Like Ashton, this guy is already extremely well known and has a firm stronghold in the Hollywood scene. Along with a show at New York Fashion week in 2018, his creations have appeared on the covers of Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine, Zinc Magazine, Numero, Surface, Angeleno and many more. The brand Marco Marco, is now iconic, largely due to the link that he has with the Music industry – Britney Spears stunned the world in a Morco Morco bodysuit at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards. He also dresses Shakira, Katy Perry, Fergie and Kesha.

Classically trained, Marco earned a Scenic and Costume Design BFA in Theatrical Design at CalArts. So it's no surprise that he has worked with the likes of Barnum & Bailey Circus and the San Francisco Ballet. However, a quick look over his collections and the big thing that stands out is his line of underwear. As pointed out in Next In Fashion, this is his comfort zone. He even has a specific underwear collection – MarcoMarc Underwear.

Chales Lu Next in Fashion Contestant

Charles Lu

Next in Fashion Contestant – Charles Lu is originally from Hamilton, Canada. This guy always had a passion for fashion. For instance, at the age of just 13 he hosted his very own fashion show. A determined designer, he headed to the UK as soon as he could and studied at the Instituto Marangoni. Displaying an amazing understanding in the female form, he became Creative Director at Veni Vici Culture. But didn't stop there and he soon headed to Dubai to be the creative director of Arushi Couture.

Despite his wealth of creative experience, he did go into the show feeling like an underdog. He is anything but. Just take a look at his new lines and see for yourself – his designs display an elegant beauty that is incredibly hard to master with his style and aesthetic developing all the time.

Carli Pearson Next in Fashion Contestant

Carli Pearson

Next in Fashion Contestant – Carli Pearson is from East London and displays an impressive academic background. Under the guidance of Louise Wilson at Central Saint Martins College of Arts, Carli has a Masters in Fashion Womenswear. Her skills have been applied at some of the best names in fashion including Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang and she was also head of womenswear at Alexander McQueen.

Working with some of the greats has definitely influenced her designs and her own brand CIMONE was launched in 2016. It was so well received that CIMONE was showcased at the ‘Heavenly Bodies' Exhibition in 2018. A real standout about Carli Pearson's work is the strong ethos of craftsmanship and quality. A bold statement from her fashion house states ‘These are not just clothes for now, but for all time. To buy everlasting.'

Claire Davis Next in Fashion Contestant

Claire Davis

Next in Fashion Contestant – Claire Davis was born in London and is listed as a Sustainability Consultant and Cannabis Educator. No sooner had she graduated in 2012 and she had setup up her fashion label HANGER in 2013.

Claire has a strong emphasis on sustainability. However, one thing that stands out about her designs is that they are a little on the fringe. Put it this way, there is heaps of transparent latex involved. Just take a look for yourself and see what you think. But one thing is for sure, she certainly brings something different to this show.

Angelo Cruciani Next in Fashion Contestants

Angelo Cruciani

Next in Fashion Contestant – Angelo Cruciani comes from Italy and there's no doubt that he displays the Italian flair. Having always been into design and fashion, he won National Art competitions and went on to attend the Istituto Italiano Della Moda. While still in fashion school he worked with the Sixty group and designed the Miss Sixty and Energie collections with Wicky Hassan. On top of that, he was Head Designer for Piero Guidi and consulted with top brands in Shanghai in a Creative Director role.

Where Angelo excels, is creating defining signature collections. For instance, his designs with Piero Guidi, still stand as a brand identity. But, his own Yeazel collection is truly impressive. Described as Judeo-Christian Mythology, the designs are a bold, sexy yet functional collection themed for fun and eccentricity.

Kianga 'Kiki' Milele Next in Fashion Contestant

Kianga 'Kiki' Milele

Next in Fashion Contestant – Kianga ‘Kiki' Milele comes from New York. She is also known as Kiki Peterson and sometimes Kiki Kitty or Kiki, which is just a little bit confusing. That didn't stop her from being the ghost designer for some big names like Beyonce and Jay-Z. So no, Jay-Z and Beyonce didn't design their collections all by themselves – Kianga Kiki Peterson Milele did.

Kiki brings a wealth of experience to Next In Fashion. She contributed so much to the label ‘Fubu', that she was deemed the grande dame of streetwear by Alexa Chung. Incredibly talented, just take a look at the list of clients that she has styled already. And it's not just streetwear that she is famous for. Her own kmilele collection launched in 2012 is themed for the jet setting connoisseur no less.

Adolfo Sanchez Next in Fashion Contestant

Adolfo Sanchez

Next in Fashion Contestant – Adolfo Sanchez is a Mexican American designer who has been designing in Los Angeles. Inspired by creating ready to wear bridal and evening wear back in 2006. Since then he is overwhelmed with where it has taken him. This is a great success story that will inspire anyone to follow their dreams. His creations have appeared in countless magazines and he is set to be showcasing his collection at the Los Angeles Fashion Week.

Hats of to the guy, he wanted to bring accessible glamour to the masses. Do you know what, just take a look at his latest collection and see for yourself? Adolfo Sanchez certainly keeps his finger on the pulse with a selection of custom, ready to wear and even homeware and leather goods.

Julian Woodhouse Next in Fashion Contestant

Julian Woodhouse

Next in Fashion Contestant – Julian Woodhouse was born in Germany. having moved around quite a lot, he has amassed a diverse set of skills. He majored in International Business but went onto work in Performing Arts, banking, art direction, graphic design, wardrobe consulting and modeling. However, it was when serving in the military that he started his fashion brand while being stationed in Korea.

He has his own label Woodhouse Army, and serves as its CEO and Creative designer. Firmly established in New York City, his partner, Kirill Kabachenko, is COO and Art Director. Definitely a designer well worth keeping an eye on.

Farai Simoyi-Agbede Next in Fashion Contestant

Farai Simoyi-Agbede

Next in Fashion Contestant – Farai Simoyi-Agbede was born in London, grew up in Zimbabwe and aged 10 moved to West Virginia USA. Her diverse background clearly assisted her well, because even after graduating in Fashion & Design at the University of West Virginia, she went onto the Nuova Accademia Di Belle Arti in Milan, Italy.

Basing herself in New York, she was hired as a Senior Denim Designer for House of Dereon, the clothing line by Beyonce and her mother, Tina Knowles. By 2015 she was the Senior Designer for Nicki Minaj's fashion collection. There she met Kiki and the pair are now inseparable forging a life long friendship. She is also the founder of the company ‘The Narativ‘.

Hayley Scanlan Next in Fashion Contestant

Hayley Scanlan

Next in Fashion Contestant – Hayley Scanlan is from Scotland and this super mum got her early start in design from her granmother who was a passionate dressmaker herself. She set out by studying textiles at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design. Vogue UK called her ‘Scotland's Coolest Young Designer'and after completing her degree she gained experience with Jeremy Scott and Francessca Burns. The result was Hayley winning ‘Scottish Young Designer of the Year' twice.

In 2012, Hayley set up her own label in her home town of Dundee – ‘H.S'. The sky is the limit for Hayley as she has a host of UK superstars queuing up to be seen in her clothing. Little Mix and Jessie J frequently wear her designs that are all created in her home town demonstrating that success can be made outside of the traditional capitals of fashion. And to top it all off, Dundee University awarded her an Honorary doctorate for all she has achieved.

Narresh Kukreja Next in Fashion Contestant

Narresh Kukreja

Next in Fashion Contestant – Narresh Kukreja is from India and isone half of the brand Shivan & Narresh. These guys launched their luxury swimwear brand way back in 2008 and their iconic flair has earned them numerous awards. They have also been listed in the Forbes 30 under 30 list.

You may well have seen some of their clothing already because there is no shortage of stars that have worn their creations. Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Oprah Winfrey top the list. But it doesn't stop there. They created 81 different designs for the movie ‘Life of Pi' so one thing is for sure, Narresh is set to bring some glamour to the show.

Lorena Saravia Next in Fashion Contestant

Lorena Saravia

Next in Fashion Contestant – Lorena Saravia is from Mexico and has been working in the industry for over 15 years. Widely regarded as one of the best fashion designers in Mexico, she studied at the Universidad de Diseño y Moda Felicidad Duce in Barcelona. Her early career had her contributing to Macario Jiménez and large brands like G-Star Raw and Bread and Butter.

Lorena is a supremely talented designer. Since setting up her own brand, she has gone from strength to strength with her collections being critically acclaimed. Since winning Vogue Mexico’s Who’s On Next contest in 2013, Lorena opened up her flagship store on Masaryk Avenue, Mexico City's most luxurious shopping street.

Nasheli Juliana Next in Fashion Contestant

Nasheli Juliana

Next in Fashion Contestant – Nasheli Juliana is from Puerto Rico, and has no shortage of qualifications. She earned an MFA from Savannah College of Art & Design, a BFA from Escuela de Artes Plásticas de Puerto Rico as well as an AAS from Altos de Chavón, affiliated to Parsons the New School of Design. All of her studies are in Fashion Design. She is also the associate professor and chair of the fashion design department at the Moore College of Art & Design.

She is also incredibly talented when it comes to keeping her own brand in the spotlight. She has had her collections displayed at both Paris and London Fashion week. On top of this, her clothes have been seen on the likes of Beyonce and appeared in Vogue magazine.

Isaac Saqib Next in Fashion Contestant

Isaac Saqib

Next in Fashion Contestant – Isaac Saqib is from New York. While he doesn't have the traditional qualifications associated with a high end designer, he has still done incredibly well for himself. Celebrities like Young Thug and Kyrie Irving frequently wear his clothes and from his studio, he has been designing bespoke one off's for NBA players for some time now. He looks set to become a big name in 2020.

His luxury Streetwear designs are certainly striking. He started his brand Mercy X Mankind from scratch but has created several unique collections. He may be somewhat of an underdog in the competition, but he sure sets his sights high so let's see how he goes.

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