Will Ferrell To Star In Eurovision Movie

Will Ferrell To Star In Eurovision Movie

It has been reported that Will Ferrell will write and star in a Netflix production based on the Eurovision Song Contest. The contest is hugely popular in Europe and just about anywhere people enjoy watching weird performers singing terrible songs.

Apart from a few countries like Bulgaria and Azerbaijan no one takes the contest seriously, in fact, most people suspect the whole thing is rigged. The winner of the contest is obliged has to host next year's show, which can be a very expensive business. With that in mind, many European nations deliberately enter awful acts to ensure they don't have to host the damn thing.

All this sounds like the perfect comedy vehicle for Will Ferrell, hopefully, we will get a mixture of Anchorman and Pitch Perfect. However, no specific details have been released. Below you can see a collection of the worst Eurovision entries. (these are real – honestly)

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