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Thai Cave Boys Sign A Netflix Deal

Virtually every potential storyline on the planet is up for grabs. There is almost nothing happening that can't be turned into a movie or tv productio...[Read More]

Everything Coming To Netflix In May 2019

With a new month on the horizon, we take a look at the huge mix of old and brand new that will be added to the platform. First up is the documentary K...[Read More]

Netflix Releases Viewing Figures For Most Watched Shows

Netflix is notoriously cagey about releasing viewing figures for its shows. When it announced that 80 million accounts had watched Bird Box, the figur...[Read More]

Shows Like Sisters On Netflix

If you haven't already had the pleasure of watching Sisters, the Australian family drama series, then you really are missing out. Sisters follows Juli...[Read More]

Lucifer Season 4 Release Date On Netflix

After much speculation and months of anticipation, Netflix has finally confirmed that Lucifer Season 4 will air on May 8th. But before you go an book ...[Read More]

Poker-Related Movies You Must Watch

Everyone loves settling down in front of a good film. It’s an excellent way to relax alone or with loved ones. For those with a preference for somethi...[Read More]

How To Get More Netflix With a VPN

Many countries have a limited Netflix library when compared to the US. For example, users of Netflix UK have around 1000 fewer shows & movies than the...[Read More]

Shows Like Vikings – 4 More Series For Norsemen Fans

We're big fans of the Amazon Prime show Vikings, the epic saga of Ragnar Lothbrok, his family, and his violent ascent into Norse Legend. The series fi...[Read More]

George Lucas And His Star Wars Fortune

There used to be a time when the value of a movie was based solely on it's box office receipts. A time before merchandising and the infinite value tha...[Read More]

BBC And ITV Announce Britbox Streaming Service

The BBC and ITV have come together to take on Netflix in the online subscription streaming market. The new streaming platform, Britbox, was announced ...[Read More]

Everything Coming To Netflix In March 2019

With the awards season wrapped up its time to get back into the nitty gritty of what Netflix plans to stream in March 2019. The usual heady mix of old...[Read More]

Kingdom Season 2 Release Date

The phenomenon that is Kingdom hit our tv screens on January 25th and what a treat for the eyes it was. The Korean show beautifully weaved period dram...[Read More]

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