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Gaming Movies, Streaming Content And TV Shows You Don’t Want To Miss

The gaming industry raked in $135 billion in 2018. With interest and revenue spiking as each year passes, there is no doubt the gaming industry will c...[Read More]

5 Of The Greatest Sports Films Of All Time

Everybody loves a good movie, especially if it corresponds to something they love or identify with. Different genres have come up from, including musi...[Read More]

Just Add Magic Season 4 Release Date On Amazon

Just Add Magic Update October 25th 2019: Amazon has released a brand new episode called ‘Just Add Magic New Protectors'. The cookbook has moved on to ...[Read More]

Who Are The Cast In The Politician?

The Politician is the latest creation from Ryan Murphy and it has taken Netflix by storm. With multi-layered storylines and plots, high school politic...[Read More]

5 Fab Shows Like Queer Eye

Queer Eye is the hit reality show where five guys use their marvellous talents to transform people's lives. The show first aired back on the Bravo net...[Read More]

6 Dark Shows Like I’m A Killer

I Am A Killer is a thought-proking documentary show which focuses on ten death row inmates. The documentary explores the crimes and lives of the convi...[Read More]

5 Spellbinding Shows Like Just Add Magic

Just Add Magic is the hit show which first aired on Amazon Prime back in 2015. Since then JAM fans have binged on 3 seasons of the spellbinding series...[Read More]

Who Are The Contestants On Netflix Hyperdrive?

Just who are Hyperdrive Contestants - The hit Netflix show Hyperdrive is the most outrageous test of driving skill ever seen on TV. These drivers disp...[Read More]

Shows Like Brainchild – 5 Clever Series Kids Will Love

If you've watched Brainchild, and want more shows that will boost your kid's brainpower, we have 5 smart suggestions just for you. Brainchild is the c...[Read More]

Who Are The Contestants On Netflix Blown Away?

Blown Away is the latest hit show to come from Netflix. It is a reality tv competition that pits 10 master glassblowers against each other in a series...[Read More]

The Best Sports Documentaries on Netflix and Amazon

I'm sure we would all agree that if you like sports your passion can reach almost religious levels. Whether your a tribal fan of your team or passiona...[Read More]

Shows Like Narcos – 5 Criminally Good Series To Watch

Narcos first appeared on Netflix in 2015; audiences were fascinated with the true story of Pablo Escobar, head of the Medellin drug cartel. Although t...[Read More]

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